She Believed, She Could, So She Did - Priyanka Hansa

Priyanka Hansa

"When plan A doesn't work, remember there are 25 more alphabets", this best describes Priyanka's spirit and approach to life. This mindset was inculcated in her at a very early stage of life and her father played a pivotal role in shaping her as an adaptable, yet independent person. One of her first plans started with the goal of joining the Indian Army. The goal was easy to choose but needed a lot of willpower and determination for realization. She ticked all her check-boxes, with learning Karate, playing sports to stay fit and reach physical fitness parameters for her goal. She even learnt horse riding; she basically was preparing to be her own knight in shining armor. But as it is said, change is the only constant in life. Some change of events lead to fresh plans and she moved to Pune for a job in IT sector post her graduation. 

After a decade of successful IT career, she had to quit her job in 2011. She had the firsthand responsibility of taking care of her first born. Being an active and extrovert person, it was not easy to be just a stay at home mom. Her husband felt the unsettling feeling that Priyanka felt and he persuaded her to start something of her own. And thus, came time for a new plan. This time it was a complete leap of faith. She decided to plunge into a new unknown terrain and totally own it - Event Management. Priyanka endows a never-say-no attitude and a go-getter personality. Every obstacle she encounters only strengthens her resolve. Now let’s hear more about her journey from Priyanka herself... 

Q1. What service(s) or product(s) do your offer/ manufacture?

“We plan you party”. That’s the tag line of Silver Bells events. We offer end to end services to cater to your celebrations like birthdays, weddings, baby shower, naming ceremony, exhibitions or surprise decors. We basically make sure you participate and enjoy celebrations without any hassle.

We help with – Decoration, music and lights, entertainment, catering, gifts and much more.

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Q2. How did you get your idea or concept?

While I was working in corporate, I realized that a lot of people wanted to make their birthdays or anniversaries special, or wished a surprise décor to welcome the new born but they either did not want to go really grand or did not have the right resources. Time and budget was also a constraint to get the desired results. That’s where I saw an opportunity to make a difference. I wanted to make their special moments extra special and memorable and best of all PERFECT! 

Q3. What do day to day responsibilities of the role look like?

Having your own business is a different ball game than working for a company. You must be multidimensional in order to work on procurement, vendor and finance management, operational execution of the project, pre- and post-sale services. All this is what I typically do on a day to day basis. Pandemic has posed a new challenge with restriction on events. We must now be even more creative with our offerings, to continue to meet those milestones for our customer's special occasions with the given limitations.

Q4. What are some of the mistakes you wish you could have avoided?

Mistakes are stepping stones to success. They are part and parcel of life. Having said that I think I would prefer spending more time on my business and overcome the limitations better, that stop me from doing so.

Q5. Are you happy and what would you change?

I am extremely happy with the career switch I made and the work I am doing. This work not only gives me opportunity to work around the schedule of my family but also nurtures my love of meeting people and bringing that smile at the end of each event. It’s a win- win situation for me!

Q6. A quote you stand by

Whatever happens, do not lose hold of the two main ropes of life – Hope and Faith.

(Zig Ziglar)

 I reckon celebrations, make our most cherished memories. I am sure the smile that Priyanka brings to everyone with her event management services, make her a part of their memories. People would do so much to be remembered, and while running her business Priyanka achieves it with so much ease. We all celebrate our own occasions, but Priyanka wow...she does it a dozen more times. It’s said you receive happiness only when you start giving it out to others. Priyanka I am sure what you earn in smiles, memories is not measurable but must be bringing so much peace to you at the end of the day! 


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  1. I've known Priyanka for 5 years now. She is a gem of a person. Helpful, a big motivator in my life, multi talented, easy going, a smart worker and very down to earth person. I Absolutely cherish her friendship. God bless.

    1. Thank you so much. Really appreciate your kind words.

  2. What an inspiring person you are, Priyanka!! Wish you loads of success and happiness in your entrepreneurial journey...

  3. #Inspiring. Great work Priyanka :-)

  4. Very inspiring Priyanka. A great example for women empowerment. loved reading your journey of success and achievements. All the best for your future projects.!!!

    1. Thank you so much Harpreet for your inspiring words

  5. I am so proud of you didi and having witnessed your initial journey first hand i must say you are a definitely an inspiration!!

  6. Great going... Keep up the grt work

  7. I would like take a moment and thank Jemika for nominating me for this interview. Thank you so much Jemika for believing that i could inspire others through my story. Lots of love to you!

  8. Nidhi thank you so much for believing in me and presenting my journey in a beautiful way to everyone. Loved your writing skills. Keep it up. All the best for your blogs and keep inspiring ! I am really looking forward to a long companionship with you.

    1. Pleasure is all mine.
      I am on my mission to make an army of super strong willed women...

  9. Good going...keep it up.

  10. I must say, Priyanka is a real inspiration and motivation to all of us. She not only stays focused and postive, but makes every possible effort to pass on that positive energy to everyone who crosses her path. Very proud of you dear. Keep smiling always.

    1. Thank you so much Reshma. Your words of appreciation means a lot!

  11. You need to beat yourself to be at top. And you always took it as a challenge and that curved a way to her sucess.
    I am proud of you dear.

  12. Thank you so much for your kind words!

  13. I have known Priyanka since last 14 years and the days in corporate where we would have endless conversations about our dreams and plans to do varied things - Am so glad that you followed your inner light Priyanka, and have reached where you are :) Being a witness to you journey so up close has been inspirational! You have just begun and I know that your best is yet to come..

    1. Thank you so much Shilpi for your inspirational words. You have been the reason why I even started looking at entrepreneurship in the first place. Thank you such for being such wonderful support of mine!


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