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Quote of the day

A man who has never made a woman angry is a failure in life. -Christopher Morley Wow….loved it and I am so sure my husband will so agree to it. If this is the way you measure the success of a man then I agree we won’t have any unsuccessfully men around. Also this gives a whole new meaning to the saying “there is a women behind every successful man”. I feel the ability to make someone angry and be able to still handle them well , can only be done when you know them oh so well. Also the anger and fights in a relationship are inevitable. Where there is love, there is anger which might root up from jealousy, possessiveness or  many more other very strong emotions which I believe are very tightly coupled with love. Also to get that pace we have to sometimes step back a few steps and gear for a really fast run. Similarly I feel in love the fights and anger only bring you more closer. You get to see that part of the person which might be very personal to them. Also if