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PEACE of mind !

let’s buy peace of mind, the most expensive and sought for.   Any price is too small to pay for peace of mind. You may have to sometimes bow down, sometimes be bold and sometimes give it back. There cannot really be a one strategy fits all. You need to react depending upon the situation, person and the relationship. You also need to be ready to face the consequences. Can life really be black and white, or is it filled with shades of red rage, purple revenge and grey ignorance ?   Ability to tolerate, forgive and Ignore are all virtues of a healthy mind and body. We need to exercise them with precision to have a peaceful and happy state of mind. These virtues could very well shape your personality. None of these can be ignored, we need to assess the situation, relationship and use our experience to decide our reaction.   Life will teach you, and shape you for what’s in store for you. Trust the process and go with the flow. My experiences in life teach me to:   PIC

Do you know that feeling ?

The feeling! The feeling that makes you,   Smile for no reason, Cry out of joy, Giggle without an itch, Hum harmony in the wind, Shiver of cold in summer, Sweat in winters, Fly with your feet firm on ground,     PIC source - Google Most of all, The feeling that’s,   Difficult to explain, Beautiful to have, Happens in a moment, But lasts forever!!!