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Should a woman change her maiden surname after marriage?

After reading this question the first thing that came to my mind was “No”. Then I read the question again and tried to understand it better. The question is not for me, its about women in general, I guess then the answer will be “let her decide” , and I would not want to decide for her. As a women I feel, we feel that we leave too many things behind when we get married and move to a new family, new house new room etc. So why so much fuss about the surname. When we can leave behind so many things and embrace the change then why not the surname. The problem here is not the change but the reason for change. I would never do anything because someone wants me to do it. Changing something so personal to me   because someone else wants me to do it, is pure rubbish to me. I feel reason behind a change is more important to me than the change in itself. Although change is the only permanent thing in life, and we should never say never to anything, I still   feel changes that are triggere

Happy Women's Day

So finally the weekend is over and so are the celebrations. But I firmly believe one day is too less to celebrate the spirit of Womanhood. We as women shape and nurture the society. The celebrations were anything but small. They had a variety of areas for ladies to showcase their talent. And I am so sure every time we have a celebration like this, we at least pull one new women out of her cocoon and bring her talent out in the open. The events were planed and executed superbly by the managing committee who put together the whole show. I am new to this, but somehow could spot mostly only women in the committee. But not to forget the two men I spotted who were supporting the ladies all to well. The women obviously did more than just looking splendidly lovely. They were all around. They were adding beauty by making lovely Mehndi and colorful rangolis . We also had a cooking competition, which brought together so much tasty food. And since the main ingredient had to be fresh corn.

The unsent letter

She no more loved him, she would even sometimes thinks if she ever loved him. He was just a symbol of her win over others. He was the result of a silent desire to have all she wanted. The first time Neetu saw Shekhar she adored him, she felt he was perfect in every which way. But according to her no one was superior than herself. And then in her mind started this countdown. She had always had this countdown when it came to getting that guy to fall for her. So it was like a game for her. She never did this just for the sake of it. But sooner or later she had a new crush and so the last one had to end. And now it was time for story with Shekhar to end. She tried everything but this time she was in a fix. Shekhar was the sweetest guy she had encountered till this day. And so all the more she wanted it to end. She knew it wont last as she was not in it with her mind and soul. It was only her brain playing games not only with Shekhar but also with her. She decided it had to end, bu

Aj kal

Yaar kabhi kitani thakaan de deti hai na zindagi. Bus kuch pal baith ke rukh ke jeene ko dil chahta hai. Fir man me dar ata hai kahi bakiyo se picke na reh jaye. Aj kal kabhi kabhi aisa bhi hota hai ki agar kuch khali samay mil jaye to lagta hai pakka koi to kaam raha hoga jo me bhul rahi hu. Lagta hai kaam nai zindagi hi nipati ja rahi hai. Ab bus yahi soch me reh jati hu ki pal jiye ya bus kat gaye. Aj kal bin chale bhi kabhi pairo me thakaan se lagti hai. Baithe baithe bhi zindagi bhagti si lagti hai. Khamoshi me bhi shor sa lagta hai. Bhid me ghutan aur akele me dar sa lagta hai. Ab bus yahi soch me reh jati hu ki pal jiye ya bus kat gaye.

Pehli Roti

Tired after a whole day of juggling various tasks, she somehow managed to move out of office. It was already 8:30, she had to be home by now. She had to go home and cook dinner, her daughter must be back from her class by now and must be waiting for dinner. She boarded the local train and all through her journey she kept rehearsing in her mind the sequence in which she will perform her various task as soon as she steps home so that dinner is served at the earliest. She had it all in her mind. She will wash hand, quickly chop onion and put them in the Kadhai , so that by the time they browned she could change and freshen up. In the adjacent burner of the stove she would put a few fist full of dal in the pressure cooker to cook. This was her usual way of multi tasking so that she could take maximum out of the limited time she got. She hurriedly got down at her station and rushed towards the Rickshaw stand. She knew an argument like everyday was awaiting her. She somehow manage