Happy Women's Day

So finally the weekend is over and so are the celebrations. But I firmly believe one day is too less to celebrate the spirit of Womanhood. We as women shape and nurture the society. The celebrations were anything but small. They had a variety of areas for ladies to showcase their talent. And I am so sure every time we have a celebration like this, we at least pull one new women out of her cocoon and bring her talent out in the open.

The events were planed and executed superbly by the managing committee who put together the whole show. I am new to this, but somehow could spot mostly only women in the committee. But not to forget the two men I spotted who were supporting the ladies all to well. The women obviously did more than just looking splendidly lovely. They were all around. They were adding beauty by making lovely Mehndi and colorful rangolis. We also had a cooking competition, which brought together so much tasty food. And since the main ingredient had to be fresh corn. CORN was the king. It was not only the contestants who learnt but also the audience. They all got to taste the various entries and learned new and innovative recipes. The cooking competition was followed by Super mom competition and group dance. The contestants of super mom got special grooming sessions  by Dr. Bhavisha Bhatti and the difference could be seen in the way they swayed in the stage. The contest had a good mix of stay at home moms and working moms and this proved you can be a super mom no matter what choices you make. The theme for Group dance was “festivals of India”. It was a treat to see moms dressed so colorfully and performing with so much elegance and grace. Every team stuck to the theme and gave very impressive performances. The dances gave the perfect close to the first day of celebrations. But this was not the end, the celebrations had to continue.

The second day started early I mean really early. We had the Women’s marathon really early in the morning, this made me realize that it is still dark at 6 am. The marathon was a really good energizer and literally made us circle Magarpatta city and enjoy the lively morning with the natural beauty found in abundance in Magarpatta city. We had people to cheer for us all along the way and it was super fun to be surrounded by so many healthy and fit ladies. The marathon was followed by funny sports, and as the name goes the games were both fun and funny. But there was more fun in store with antakashri in the evening. Antakashri was super fun for me as an audience and also a probable contestant for next year.

All in all it was a fun-filled weekend full of love, laughter and a whole lot of celebrations. Thank you committee for planning such a lovely event and thanks Magarpatta city for participating and making it a huge success. Already looking forward to next year!

BTW before I forget to all the lovely women out there…you are Superb! Keep celebrating! Happy Women’s day!



  1. Happy women's day!!!
    Looks like you had a great weekend!

    1. Yes Loco you are right..i had great fun and also i was one of the participants int he cooking competition...didnt win though


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