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Those 10 days... Chapter !!

Mayank got up early, it was his first day in college. He was excited but also nervous because out of his complete gang he was the only one who was joining that college. So he was feeling left out. He new that meant he had a chance to make new friends. But he was not the kind to go out make friends very easily. It took a lot for him to open up. He got ready and was about to leave when his brother called him and asked if he could drop him. Mayank told why not he rather gave him the keys. He got the expected reply in negative. He moved on. He had been for a while asking his brother for a bike in fact his own bike and he was always given the same reply and most of the time it was in negative or the demand was just ignored. He moved slowly towards the bus stop. He took the bus and reached college. It was a crowded place with many teenagers. All dressed in their very best today being the first day of college. He slowly went to the notice board to find where was in lecture hall. It was al

Those 10 days... Chapter V

Siya was at the bus stop on time like every other morning, she kept looking for Mayank. But Mayank was no where to be seen. Finally the bus arrived, Siya boarded the bus and left. Siya kept looking outside the window. It was drizzling and the every now and then some light droplets of water would fall on her face. She loved this gentle feeling and would not wipe them away. Soon she forgot all about Mayank and was just thinking of the rains and the clouds. She loved the month of June, it always brought a sense of new beginning to her. All through her student life it meant new school uniform, new books, fresh smell of paper from new books. She would read the stories in her language text books and enjoy them so much. She basically liked reading, she liked the crisp pages, she would never even put a mark with pen on her text books. Only pencil was allowed there, she wanted them to be as new even a year after. She would carefully use them the whole year and pass them on to her sister.

Tum Aur Mein

  Kafi Waqt gujar chuka hai, Par lamhe abhi bhi baki hai. Sath chalne ki kasame puri hui, Sath rehane ke wade abhi baki hai.           Hum me ek doosre ki chaap kuch aisi padhi,                                    Ki tum tum na rahe,Me me nahi rahi,                         Raaste gujarte chale gaye, Manzilo ki ab koi kami na rahi.

Love it was...PARTIII

“We are no one to you. We only know your name is Riya.” started one of the men. “You have to calm down to understand and make sense out of what we are going to say. We have seen it all but still could not understand. We were waiting for you to wake up and join the lose ends. We don’t want to keep you captive with us, that’s not our interest. We wanted you to be able to take care of yourself before we left you. That’s the sole reason why we kept ferrying you for three days.” He continued “I don’t understand a thing, I was with Anant safe and sound. How did I land with you?” Questioned a totally tired and by know at some ease Riya.   “Let me tell you how it all started, we were going on our way. When suddenly we saw a car halt at the express way and a person was fell out. The car quickly started and sped away. We had pull the brakes real hard, or we would have had smashed you. We went and saw, we found you. You were a bit bruised but unconscious. We took you in our car and t

Love it was...PARTII

  “I don’t want to have a dialogue with you, just hand me my phone”, replied Riya. She was shivering with fright yet was standing strong. She knew she was right at the face of a big danger here, but all she wanted was to know where Anant was. All four men stood up, and started looking at each other. They did not answer, just kept looking at each other. As if they were looking for an answer. One of them walked towards Riya and started talking. “ Madam, we don’t want to hurt you” Riya interrupted him, “Don’t come near me. I have already told you, just give me my phone”.   He continued, “ We don’t know who are you, nor do we know who is this Anant.” Riya Screamed, “ don’t utter a word, exactly! you don’t know who is Anant. That’s why you have had the courage to get me here. You are in deep trouble mister, very soon Anant will find us”.   “We know he will find us that’s precisely the reason why we have been running from him. You have to calm down a bit and under


Can constant criticism ever be constructive?? This is a question that has been haunting me for a while now. Criticism can   be both constructive and helpful when the person criticizing aims for that. However if the sole aim of the person criticizing is to somehow blame you for every little thing then the game takes a really ugly turn. It then looks more like a finger pointing exercise than a positive constructive one.    Criticism is the disapproval of people, not for having faults, but having faults different from your own. --Unknown   Very correctly said, as we all say no one is perfect. We are in a world full of imperfections, and it is imperfections that help us to grow to discover unknown territories. To constantly criticize someone is like cursing the glass for being half full rather then having the water to quench your thirst. If we keep picking faults we will never be able to see the strengths of an individual. No two people can be the same, everyone has their