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Never LIE to your...Doctor…Lawyer and most importantly your INSURER!

It’s really easy to open-up and disregard privacy when it comes to our doctors or Lawyers, but insurer……may be not. Partly because we don’t understand the importance and consequences. When we are at the door steps of a doctor or lawyer ,we have possibly already exhausted all our options and understand the criticality of the situation. But when it some to insurance it’s not the same, for once we all agree that insurance has traditionally never bought but always sold. So somehow it doesn’t look like a need rather a forced obligation to the person selling it. That is when we fail to do the required research or take steps to understand the importance of Insurance and disclosure. That’s why we get really reluctant to share all required information. Insurance like any other legally binding contracts has its own terms and conditions, and the insurer needs to know all about the risk that they going to carry. Credit: Google Most of the disputes at the time of claims arise because