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So I know most of you have read about my “after the new year fades plans” read→ RESOLUTIONS. Having resolutions is not unique in itself, it’s fashionable and so most of us have them. What’s rather not so fashionable and not many of us do is plan actions to actually achieve them. So this time am going to do just that.  The first and most important resolution in my list was that of elevating my fitness levels. I have openly called out that by mid this year I will for sure publish some before and after testimonials. This just made me realized…… I have trapped myself!


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I think accountability brings in responsibility. So what are my ways or actions that I think can help me achieve my forever target or resolution.  As you know I love to list things and that too in order of priority (by-product of my current Role 😃 in IT industry ), we will now witness one more such list. Let the fun begin:


  • No target just focus on consistency → I plan to check my weight, only after my current yoga mat wears out! Karma kar…fal ki chinta mat kar.


  • Ring in changes as small as possible → Replace my evening snacks with fruits…seasonal and local as far as possible.


  • Try and change one habit at a time → Reducing sugar intake …starting with evening coffee. This change made me realize I am more addicted to sugar than I am to coffee….Happy realization!


  • I have hired professional help → So that I am pushed to last for few more seconds after I give-up. Also the fee that I pay for that 1 hour session, inspires me to make sure I utilize her time to the best. So basically, I am dead post that 1 hr. So if you witness me walking in a peculiar gait, please don’t ask the reason. Just assume, I have achieved my ROI in the last session I had.


  • Focus on right nutrition → Eat enough fruits and vegetables. Limit my intake of Cereals, and focus on protein intake.


This is my way forward and with small little baby steps. I am sure, however slow, I would still be moving in the forward direction. I am sure the list above is not exhaustive and I can do good with more advice and encouragement. So share your experience and tips to help me achieve my target.


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