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4 things LOCKDOWN made me realize

So we have all been in a lockdown for quite sometime now. We see people trying so many new things around us, some are cooking new things for their family and some are back to their hobbies. We have seen people find time to peek out of their windows to realize the sunsets can be beautiful from everywhere, we just need to have the calm within us. So like all people around I too did few things. And till the wave rides, let me also go down the memory lane of the past few months and list things that brought a smile to my face in this lockdown. • Cooking: This one is not a new for me, I have always found cooking to be relaxing and fun. So what was new for me this time? So usually I decide the menu and cook and let people eat and appreciate 😊. But the tables turned this time around. My daughter has her favorites and we used to have them on our Mall outings or order in. So basically things that you usually eat outside and never cook at home. For me that list includes, garlic bread, cak

Global Pandemic & Us

Pic courtesy - Google We have all been in it for a long time now. When it all started, I didn’t know nor could imagine that something of such huge magnitude was going to raise it head in front of us. Its been more than 4 months that I ventured out. No, I am not complaining. I have a roof over my head, work for a very empathetic organization and have my family around me. We are all healthy, but the fear is real. What seemed like another new disease, has completely taken over our lives. We hear people around us giving up and just asking for prayers for their loved ones. We all know we are too small for all this and we may just be a number in the large game of statistics. I don’t know when the vaccine will arrive and how successful it will be. But what keeps the disease at bay is the statistic that are fed to us on regular intervals.   In March when this all started, it still felt distant. The numbers were rising and all I could predict was someone or other in our circle