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Okay people, so I have been blogging for a while now and I have a bank of dependable readers. These are people who know me and so read my blog and some are people who read my blog and so know me. I blog for them and bully them all the time. Anybody who is in my distribution list will vouch for the fact that I torment them incessantly and real bad. Can’t help it, I am like that. So as soon as my post is ready first thing I do is I have it all over. You cannot run from me and say I didn’t get a notification because my post link is all over. Its on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, on your watsapp and I am still thinking of new ways to interrupt you with my ever new pieces of work. If you think my creative streak ends   with posting a new blog post, you are wrong. I think less when I write and more after I post it. I have to keep thinking of new ways to ask people to first read, then nudge them for feedback and then for a like on my blog and on FB and then a share on Google+, FB or a retwe