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Step back

They had been seeing each other for many years now. Even their families knew about them and there was no opposition of any type from either of the families. Life was going very fine, they were both in their final year of engineering. Both were soon to step out of the college and enter the professional world. Rishi was madly in love with Neetu. Neetu though looked very innocent, was a very sensible girl. They had been together for so long but Neetu maintained that though in love they had to be friends till they moved their relationship to the next legal level and by that she meant marriage. Like any other madly in love boy, Rishi always complained against this. He would always say, “Why do we have to wait, how much more formal agreements you need? The world, our parents all know about us and all have agreed to this relationship. Its only matter of time, that we start earning we will get married.” Neetu would coolly pacify Rishi and change the topic. Neetu knew Rishi would never

G for God

My mom always said, only ask god for good-sense(sadbuddhi) and the rest will follow. She would also tell us don’t ask for material things or for better result cause you don’t know what plans god has for you. Probably he was going to give much more than you ask. I have a story to narrate here. This story was told to me by my grandmother, who is no more but here wisdoms stays on. The story goes like this. Once there were two friends both were best friends but they had one thing in them that was completely opposite to each other. One was a firm believer in god and the other never bothered to ever be thankful or even believe in God’s existence. So let’s name them for an easy say of the story as Ram and Mohan. Ram the believer and Mohan would be the other one. So Ram would always try to convince Mohan and make him understand in god almighty, but Mohan always rubbished Ram’s claims and continued his own way of life. One morning, a day like any other , they both got up and left for

Me n My Death

Death like not many other things in life only happens once, and that makes it all the more important to have it my way. I am actually a pessimist trying hard to me an optimist, so the thought of my death does cross my head plenty of time. And let me tell you, I am a wicked, wicked person and my death is not going to change that. So I have my set of wicked plan, although those plans don’t come into picture anytime while I am alive. So the pessimist that I am I think of death, but the trying to me an optimist part stops me form planning the same. But nothing in me stops me from planning rather having a few wishes post I am dead. It could have been an exhaustive list but being from the IT industry I understand that not every requirement is a must have. So I have painfully let go of the nice to have wishes. And not only that but I have also prioritized the must haves so that I have nothing to complain later. So here goes my list of wishes: Ø   God please make me thin by then, I

F for Freedom

Freedom Has a cost, But cannot be bought. Freedom Has easy accessibility Brings difficult responsibility Freedom Ideal companion for wise, Dangerous tool for a fool This was contributed by Reader Himani Pal