G for God

My mom always said, only ask god for good-sense(sadbuddhi) and the rest will follow. She would also tell us don’t ask for material things or for better result cause you don’t know what plans god has for you. Probably he was going to give much more than you ask. I have a story to narrate here. This story was told to me by my grandmother, who is no more but here wisdoms stays on. The story goes like this.

Once there were two friends both were best friends but they had one thing in them that was completely opposite to each other. One was a firm believer in god and the other never bothered to ever be thankful or even believe in God’s existence. So let’s name them for an easy say of the story as Ram and Mohan. Ram the believer and Mohan would be the other one. So Ram would always try to convince Mohan and make him understand in god almighty, but Mohan always rubbished Ram’s claims and continued his own way of life.
One morning, a day like any other , they both got up and left for work. They both spent their days outside away from each other. Upon return when they met each other Ram was looking a little in pain but Mohan was overjoyed. One look at Ram and Mohan said, “ what happened, why is your right hand bandaged?” Ram replied, “ I met with a small accident and most my right hands little finger.” Mohan sat down and started speaking, “ How come your dear god didn’t come to save you? Look at me I won a lottery today. Bought a ticket worth 5rs. And made 500rs.”
Ram didn’t say much and since he was in pain he went to sleep and quickly fell asleep. Mohan wanted to celebrate with his prize money but since Ram was not well, he thought they could do it sometime else.

He freshened up, had some food and slept. Suddenly he saw a sharp bright light in front of his eyes. It was very bright, but his eyes didn’t hurt, in fact he felt at peace with the sensation. Suddenly a piercing voice came from the background. It felt that someone from behind the light wanted to communicate. Mohan was completely mesmerized. The voice started speaking and soon Mohan was in tears. He wanted to speak but was not able to. Soon the light vanished, Mohan ran to Ram and woke him up. Ram still in pain sat and looked at Mohan. Mohan was looking very exhausted and tired, but at the same time he was looking very much in peace with himself. Mohan started with apologizing. Ram was able to make no sense of it all. He asked Mohan to calm down because the way Mohan was speaking in small broken sentences and in an overwhelmed toned made Ram very restless. He brought some water for Mohan and asked him to calm down first. Once Mohan was in the correct frame of mind, Ram asked him to explain exactly what had happened.

Mohan started, “ Ram you were correct all this while and I have always accused you. Today I believe in every word you say. You know after you slept I had a very wonderful and out of this world experience.” Mohan elaborated how the light appeared suddenly and how at ease and comfortable he felt within its aura. Mohan continued, “ Ram you know today was a very lucky day for me and a very unlucky one for you. You know you were destined to lose your right arm today and I was destined to win a million rupees today. But thanks to your strong belief in god you have escaped with a minor and non-life altering harm, whereas I have paid for my ignorance towards god.” He continued, “ I today understand that we can make our destiny but our deeds and faith in god can make life altering changes in the intensity on both our good and bad profits and losses. I today understand how god always tries to be fair to us.” Ram had tears in his eyes. Both friends hugged each other and moved to sleep in peace.

So friends just believe in god, he always leads us in the best path and gives us t5he best we deserve.

--Rabindranath Tagore

G for God was contributed by reader Madhura


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