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After me

Everything will be the same…nothing will change The sun will shine, the moon will rise, The twinkle in the stars will keep its shine. There will be a day, after the cold night. Things will seem okay, if not alright. People will pause and hearts will cry, Tears in their eyes will soon run dry, Soon I will become a memory in time, Its then that I wish, you remember me. Remember me for every smile we shared, Remember me for every fight we had, Remember me for the first time we met, Remember me for my last sunset. All will be gone, except for one, It’ll be our love that will live on. I know I will be gone, for everyone one, But for you, I wish….. I wish for you to live on, Live for me, even after I am gone. FB page -  Nidhi blogs     Insta -  @nidhijoshi27 Whatsapp -  message me email -