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NEW YEARS mean..a little less of this and a little more of that

Life is nothing but an amalgamation of little things like little moments, little laughter a tear and some smiles. All put together can easily define life journey of any and all individuals. so how are we all different, it’s just we have a little less of something and a little more of something. So this new year I thought I’d rather concentrate on what needs to be brought a little more into my life and what needs to reduce to just a hint. So this means I won’t have a single new year resolution this year, rather a bucket list of little achievable things. So let’s begin with a little of this and a little of that.   Little less of Little more of Laziness Punctuality Crying Smiles Eating Exercising coffee   nimbu pani hard work smart work reading yawning expectations responsibilities wishes trying sleep

5 ways that will help you achive those inevitable ---- NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS

Phew! It’s that time of the year again. Resolutions…new year resolutions…hope that rings a bell. I know this is no rocket science and we have been doing it for years. Its relatively easy to set yourself a goal in the   form of a new year resolution. And the best part about new year resolutions is that everyone is interested in knowing them and appreciating you for having an innovative one, but no one never ever turns back and check on the accomplishments or achievements. Also everyone know that’s new year resolution last only till the year is new, i.e. only till the time you mistakenly keep mentioning   2015 for 2016. So you see it only takes a few days to get on the hang of a new year at the end of a date and thus by this time the new year becomes old and the resolutions are forgotten and buried under heaps of guilt.   But what if you really want   to have a resolution and achieve it. Remember like every other goal that you set up for yourself these new year resolutions can al

Its Still Okay!

Woke up this morning, only to snooze the alarm Never woke to the alarm later….missed my walk. Walked into the balcony , only to realize I missed the first bloom of my beloved yellow rose, Found a wilting shrub, oh…did I water it yesterday. Memory fails, guilt creeps in. Walked into the Kitchen,   only to realize the milk had boiled over, So little time, too much to clean. Energy fails, laziness creeps in. Walked into the living area, only to trip over a little toy, Turned to the bedroom, to see my little tot asleep. For a moment forgot the morning chronology , went and snuggled next to her in the bed, I see no disappointment in her for my failures only love and this makes me realize,  at the end..... “It’s Still Okay!” FB page -  Nidhi blogs     Insta -  @nidhijoshi27 Whatsapp -  message me email -