Its Still Okay!

Woke up this morning, only to snooze the alarm
Never woke to the alarm later….missed my walk.

Walked into the balcony , only to realize I missed the first bloom of my beloved yellow rose,
Found a wilting shrub, oh…did I water it yesterday. Memory fails, guilt creeps in.

Walked into the Kitchen,  only to realize the milk had boiled over,
So little time, too much to clean. Energy fails, laziness creeps in.

Walked into the living area, only to trip over a little toy,
Turned to the bedroom, to see my little tot asleep.

For a moment forgot the morning chronology , went and snuggled next to her in the bed,
I see no disappointment in her for my failures only love and this makes me realize,
 at the end.....“It’s Still Okay!”

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  1. “It’s Still Okay!”
    Very Nice Nidhi Ji. This poem touched my heart.

  2. So beautiful.....too much cleaning up to do but if love is there, who cares...!

  3. Replies
    1. so good to know, i could strike a cord with you...lots of love to you and your little one

  4. Beautifully written.. "At the end it's still all ok". Can relate to it..


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