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Women and income tax

The hardest thing to understand in the world is the income tax. -- Albert Einstein. That’s it, even the great Albert Einstein found it difficult to understand income tax and we poor women thought it was only us. Also, after this statement I believe even men like us sail in the same boat, but pretend to be know-it-all of the financial bandwagon. But all said and done, finances are indeed very important part of our daily life. To not try to understand is not only foolish but also very dangerous. We women very often proudly delegate all financial paperwork to our male counterparts and feel relaxed. However there is nothing wrong in doing this, it really helps that we keep ourselves up-to-date and aware.   What better time to do this, than at the start of a fresh financial year. Also in wake of the recent demonitization it is very important that we learn and equip ourselves with variuos digital ways to transact. Most of us who are empoyed, atlea