HOW to WOW -- Magic with leftovers

We all encounter this time and again. How much ever we try, the estimates do go out of order. And then the inevitable happens and we are left with ‘LEFTOVERS’. It’s all tasty, but no one wants to eat the same thing again. Especially if they have already stuffed their tummy with it till they dropped from the table.

It is then , that I wear by MasterChef hat and start looking at the ingredients as if they are fresh out of a mystery box and I am in an innovation test. So let me list down a few of my innovation test success stories which you can use at your own risk and convenience.



Matar Paneer transforms into Yummy Pulav:


Take rice in Proportion to the leftover matar paneer, wash it and drain water. Par boil the rice and drain any excessive water. Take a thick bottom pan and some ghee. To melted ghee add cumin, mustard and other whole spices. Add come Sliced onion. Let it turn translucent, add parboiled rice and roast it nicely in  ghee. Add the left over matar paneer and sprinkle some water. Mix it up and let it cook on a low flame. Once cooked and fragrant add chopped Coriander and enjoy!


Daal into Yummy grill Sandwiches:


Take the leftover daal and boil off all the excess water. You will be left with a thick paste. Take three slices of sandwich bread and apply butter and green chutney. On one of the clices apply a thick layer of the daal paste. Keep second slice on it. And then on the second slice lay over all sandwich vegetables one above the other. Most favored veggies will Bell peppers, onion, tomato, boiled beet and finish with a slice of cheese. End with the last slice of bread. Keep it on toaster and toast it well. Slice diagonally and serve tasty daal sandwich triangles. Time to relish it with a mug of strong coffee!


Boondi Raita into yummy Punjabi Kadhi:


This one has to be my favorite. Ideally both are my favorite, so I hardly have Boondi raita as a leftover. But then I am sure few of you might have instances where the Boondi raita is made in abundance and left over. Best way to use it and it would be to pass it to me😅. But let’s discuss other options also. Add water and besan to adjust the consistency of the kadhi. Take a kadhai and heat up some oil. Once oil is hot enough, add mustard seeds and let them splutter. Add 2 whole red chilies and few curry leaves. Pour in the kadhi solution. Add salt and turmeric. Bring it to a boil. Garnish with coriander and have it with steamed rice and onion salad.


Roti into Crisps:


Cut leftover rotis into any shape you wish, it could be triangles like taco or into long strips. Brush each piece with olive oil, and sprinkle with spices of your choice. Use a mixture of chat masala and/or red chilli powder. Preheat your oven to 190 degrees Celsius. Bake for about 8 minutes or till they get brown and crispy. Have it with any dip of your choice, salsa, mayo or yogurt.
This is my list, do hare your secret lists also. and all of you, who try, please share how impressed you were with the outcomes!


  1. Amazing wow recipes! I have tried all except the dal sandwich! Shall try it out soon!


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