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Meri Bai nahi ayi

😓😓😓   Tum chali gayi, Na koi khabar, na samachar Chod gayi mujhe lachaar, Kaha lagao guhar, Kyu karti ho aise baar baar, Pic courtesy -- Google Tumhara rasta, dekhu subah aur shaam, Sirf tumpe hai mera dhyaan, chod ke sara kaam, Thak gaye, haath-pair aur saara deemag, Kahi tum chodke mujhe gayi to nahi bhaag!

3 things that add satisfaction to my day!

So I am not an inherently positive person. Negative thoughts creep in very easily in my head and make it very difficult for me to count my blessings. However I do firmly believe , god has given me much more than I expected or deserved….so I am lucky in more ways than one. But still the darkness in me, seems to overshadow the bright sun. But being an adult, I am expected to deal with my issues on my own. So I keep devising ways to reaffirm to me…that its indeed is a good day, good week, good month and overall a good life and I m blessed to be in the best part of my life right now. So basically, for be affirmation comes by completely a planned task or by achieving something I targeted for. I am very competitive by nature and use it to the best of my ability to bring the much needed positivity in my life! So as it goes, I plan and decide on a daily basis to at least aim for 3 things and if I achieve those , I declare it a good day!   #1 mindful eating:   Lunch and dinner - h

3 things I do ... to make my daughter reach school on time.

Pic courtesy -- Google I am sure most people reading this mail are fellow mommies. We all know what a nightmare it is to drag our little ones out of bed in the morning. Believe me when I say, I have tried all possible tricks n tips. Some work, some don’t…After all kids and moms are different. With some experience at my end, if I had to chalk down 3 things that are tried and tested at my end: I give her a warm bath at night, rather than in the morning. This routine has helped me more than one way. My daughter loves to spend time, soaking in her tub. Being evening , I can allow her to be in the tub to her hearts content. Also, in the evening she goes to garden and comes back looking like a brown teddy. So having   warm bath, helps her relax and slip in to bed time. She gets better and quick sleep, and wakes up squeaky clean. This saves me a lot of time and tears in the morning. For once I can let her get 15 extra mins of sleep and second no

5 things that add value to my morning

Pic courtesy -- Google If the title of this post makes you think I am an early riser, sorry to disappoint you. But I really feel morning hours, spent well really add value to your day. With this new sense of awakening, I decided to practice to get-up early. So once I started getting up early, I felt I had a lot of time to myself. Initially like most of us this time, was spent on Insta, FB and Amazon. FB, made me realize I need to post more often, Insta made me realize I need to send more time and money on my upkeep and finally it culminated in filling my Amazon cart and emptying my wallet. So after a lot of this I realized, if I am getting up early I have to better utilize my time. Or else I better sleep and save some good amount money. So with this started my experiments with various morning schedules, inspired by celebrities, so called social media influencer and few you tubers. After a lot of experiments and tweaking I came up with a schedule that worked for me. For any on