3 things that add satisfaction to my day!

So I am not an inherently positive person. Negative thoughts creep in very easily in my head and make it very difficult for me to count my blessings. However I do firmly believe , god has given me much more than I expected or deserved….so I am lucky in more ways than one. But still the darkness in me, seems to overshadow the bright sun. But being an adult, I am expected to deal with my issues on my own. So I keep devising ways to reaffirm to me…that its indeed is a good day, good week, good month and overall a good life and I m blessed to be in the best part of my life right now.

So basically, for be affirmation comes by completely a planned task or by achieving something I targeted for. I am very competitive by nature and use it to the best of my ability to bring the much needed positivity in my life!

So as it goes, I plan and decide on a daily basis to at least aim for 3 things and if I achieve those , I declare it a good day! 

#1 mindful eating:  Lunch and dinner - home cooked, basically here I am fighting my temptation to order food. Evening snack as healthy as possible, I try to keep it high protein so mostly aim for Eggs with or without bread.

#2 Clutter free space: Organized home, bed to me made as soon as I get-up. Living room free of toys and Kitchen works wrapped up on time. Putting out garbage on time.

#3 Walk..Walk…Walk: This is the only exercise I enjoy, and I have added the spice of gamification and competition in the same. I wear an activity tracker, and ever since I bought, we have been inseparable! I aim to walk 15K steps on a daily basis and but feel accomplished, even if reach 10 K and above. Also I use a Samsung phone and it also has a built in heath app where I can participate in global challenges with participants across the globe. The challenge pushes you to have 2L steps in a month, I try to achieve same in first 15 days of the month. My best till now has be 18 days!

Does this list look similar to your or if not, does it inspire you? Do you think , I need help with my list and want to recommend something that will add value to my day….please go ahead and share in comments!

Also how about we compete in a step challenge, lets set some goals for each other!

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