3 things I do ... to make my daughter reach school on time.

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I am sure most people reading this mail are fellow mommies. We all know what a nightmare it is to drag our little ones out of bed in the morning. Believe me when I say, I have tried all possible tricks n tips. Some work, some don’t…After all kids and moms are different. With some experience at my end, if I had to chalk down 3 things that are tried and tested at my end:

  • I give her a warm bath at night, rather than in the morning. This routine has helped me more than one way. My daughter loves to spend time, soaking in her tub. Being evening , I can allow her to be in the tub to her hearts content. Also, in the evening she goes to garden and comes back looking like a brown teddy. So having  warm bath, helps her relax and slip in to bed time. She gets better and quick sleep, and wakes up squeaky clean. This saves me a lot of time and tears in the morning. For once I can let her get 15 extra mins of sleep and second no crying over wanting to have extra time in tub.
  • I keep her tiffin and school bag ready before I wake her up. By doing this, once she’s up I can spend most of my time in quickly getting her ready and then feed her well. So I don’t have juggle between kitchen and her , and focus on her completely.
  • As s bed time ritual I discuss her choice for breakfast for the next morning. This reduces morning hassles of “what to cook?”. Also no rejections from her or surprises from me, helps us have a positive start to  the day.
These are my mantras to have a peaceful morning and help my daughter reach school in time. Do let me know your gurumantras!


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