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She Believed, She Could, So She Did - Hemal Gala (Sangoi)

Hemal Gala (Sangoi ) "She's a surprise, quiet, soft spoken, yet headstrong and determined" what better way to describe Hemal. She is a true Mumbai girl, born n raised with 3 siblings. She was always creatively inclined, but succumbed under peer pressure, when it was time to choose her stream. She went with science and went on to do her masters in Biochemistry. Subsequently, started her corporate grind of 9 to 5. All this while she still nurtured her creativity and kept it alive. Soon she got married and was blessed with a lovely daughter. She took a break to attend to her maternal duties and this break proved to be a breakthrough for her. Time off the job scene, sowed in her the seeds of 'entrepreneurship'. This rekindled her fire and with encouragement from family started her journey. She is one of my old colleagues, I still remember her as a very gentle human being. A fun-loving timid girl, who would leave a lasting impression on anyone. Let hear more about her