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E for excitement

The world needs actual excitement and emotion more than it needs cool people. Amanda Palmer Wow…that’s like the aim of my life. I don’t need a reason to be excited, I am excited all the time. Being excited adds that extra flavor into everything I do or experience. I think if we are not excited about a thing, nothing can drive us to achieve or accomplish it. Its excitement put together with enthusiasm that makes us go that extra mile. The uncertainties can be equally exciting as can be things we are already anticipating. In fact the excitement for things that are being anticipated grows with time, but nothing can beat the sudden surge of excitement when you experience something great out of the blue. Excitement all though an emotion it also has varied physical signs. The best ones could be the shine in the eyes and running out of words with a block in your brain. Life won’t be worth living if it lacked excitement. So live on and be excited…you never know what god has in

D for dekh pagli

Dekh pagli… Khud ko jayada bada writer na samajh.. Kahaniya to hum sab bana lete hai. Comment aur like na karne ke bahane.. To   hum bhi lajawab bana lete hai Time milane par jaroor read karenge.. Aise bahane to hum bhi lakh bana lete hai Dekh pagli… Jyada soch mat..likh! Comments aur likes ki asha mat rakh… Aur likh! D for Dekh pagli was contributed by reader Himanshu!

C for Curiosity

So going be this we all could be Einstein’s only if we were more curious about the right things. People today are less curious about their own lives and more about their neighbor’s. I feel if you are positively curious you gain deeper understanding and enlightenment and if you are negatively curious you end up being in a deep dark pit called jealousy. Just being curious is not enough you have to choose the correct subject. Curiosity is all about being alive. A person who lacks curiosity has no means to survive the struggle called life. It’s the curiosity in things people and the future that keeps us going. Hope I believe is a form of positive curiosity. Its curiosity that gives us that much required push. The first thing that a baby learns is curiosity and then curiosity takes him places. Its curiosity that make the baby try to move, crawl, walk, talk.   Also Curiosity can be both an active emotion and a very very passive emotion. Sometimes we are not even aware that we are cur

B for Blend..

“Neetu shall we leave, are you ready?” enquired Rishi Neetu was ready but couldn’t muster the courage to step out. It was Rishi’s office party and she felt too much under pressure to be aptly dressed for the occasion. She didn’t want to be the odd one, out there. She had seen picture of Rishi’s last party and knew that people didn’t wear really bright colors there and the style of the people was very understated. But then she was a   new young bride and her wardrobe was full of bright colors. Also she was never very comfortable carrying western clothes, so she had decide to wear Indian so that at least she would be comfortable there. Also she very well knew Indian wear was good at covering up slips if any at the wrong time and place. She remembered arguing with Rishi to buy her something for the occasion or not take her along. But Rishi was adamant that she has to come. Also Rishi choose the saree for Neetu and told her to wear it for the party. Neetu was a nervous wreck.

A for Action

Action is the foundational key to all success. - Pablo Picasso   Very correctly said, action is the key to everything we do   and achieve in our life. It’s often said it’s important to dream but then something that is even more important is to get up and act. There is no snooze button in life, opportunity only knocks once. Your inaction helps the other person become more and more lucky and successful. Nothing guarantees success than acting and gradually moving towards your goal.   Action expresses priorities. - Mahatma Gandhi   It is our action that define our priorities in life. We can have a head full of thoughts, but the ideas that are actioned get priority and eventually lead to a new intellectual property. So prioritise your actions and action as per your priorities and you will have a better more successful and content tomorrow in life. A for Action contributed by reader Prafull!                                                                                

10 before i die

Okay so this got me started, and I have been thinking for many days. When this topic was posted for this week in I ndispire, I went into a chain of thoughts thinking what all I wanted to achieve, do, have, places I would go, dreams I would like to live…so much before I die. And then I thought will just making a list of things I want to do before I die suffice, I don’t even know when I am going to die, so why make a list, would I rather not live. Will not, making a list keep me all the more away from so many things which might be equally worth the do but are just not done because they are not in my list. I don’t know if am drifting away form the topic or the essence of the idea. But I wanted a list like everyone else, you see how do I compete when I don’t even have a list. So there began the search for 10 things..but then with some thought it changed to 10 things I want to become I am not giving myself an indefinite timeline by saying  before I die. I don’t know how close I am t