E for excitement

Wow…that’s like the aim of my life. I don’t need a reason to be excited, I am excited all the time. Being excited adds that extra flavor into everything I do or experience. I think if we are not excited about a thing, nothing can drive us to achieve or accomplish it. Its excitement put together with enthusiasm that makes us go that extra mile. The uncertainties can be equally exciting as can be things we are already anticipating. In fact the excitement for things that are being anticipated grows with time, but nothing can beat the sudden surge of excitement when you experience something great out of the blue. Excitement all though an emotion it also has varied physical signs. The best ones could be the shine in the eyes and running out of words with a block in your brain.

Life won’t be worth living if it lacked excitement. So live on and be excited…you never know what god has in store for you!

E for excitement was contributed by reader Excited Sudeep!


  1. Excitement gives energy, which in turn gives courage and guts to face anything and everything in our life. Nice post Nidhi.

    1. thanks, for stoppig by. i ahve read ur blogs aswell..you write very well.


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