10 things..today...not before i die

Okay so this got me started, and I have been thinking for many days. When this topic was posted for this week in Indispire, I went into a chain of thoughts thinking what all I wanted to achieve, do, have, places I would go, dreams I would like to live…so much before I die. And then I thought will just making a list of things I want to do before I die suffice, I don’t even know when I am going to die, so why make a list, would I rather not live. Will not, making a list keep me all the more away from so many things which might be equally worth the do but are just not done because they are not in my list. I don’t know if am drifting away form the topic or the essence of the idea.

But I wanted a list like everyone else, you see how do I compete when I don’t even have a list. So there began the search for 10 things..but then with some thought it changed to 10 things I want to become I am not giving myself an indefinite timeline by saying  before I die. I don’t know how close I am to the end date, but this is my  #Bucket list.

Helping : I want to be someone people can look up to when they need a hand in things that are not able to do singlehandedly.

Hardworking : I want to be a hardworking person, but by hardworking I don’t mean someone smeared in sweat and slogging. But someone who does her work smartly and is punctual with deadlines.

Disciplined : More disciplined in term of  my way of living. Add some more routine in my life.

Fit : Till date this thing was never in mind leave thoughts. But now with my age crossing the crucial 30mark it has become an area of concern

Organized : With my memory failing me most of the times, the only thing I can fall back on is being more organized. Having fixed places for things and making sure they go back to the designated place after use. So that it is easier to find then the next time.

Happy :  Now this I think this is a  far fetched dream and this must be part of every bucket list. In fact bucket list are made so that  attain all happiness before its time to say adieu!
Smiling : As they smile increase your face value at no extra cost. So again being someone who is on the other side of 30, anything that increases my face value that too at no extra cost is welcome.

Consistent : I want to be consistent, with my efforts , in every things I do.        

Funny : Yes I want to be funny, I want to spread more and more laughter. I don’t  mind to crack a joke at my expense.                        

Satisfied : last but never the least, satisfaction. This is the key to a better and happy life!

So here is my list, don’t know how much of these will be able to exhibit today. But then constant  effort and struggle will eventually take me there one day!

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  1. Thanks for sharing.
    Nice post..:)
    Please do check mine and comment.:

    1. will surely take out the time to read your post..thanks for stopping by.

  2. super list... good luck Nidhi :-)

    1. yes very true its a super list..need to foloow it to the T

  3. I liked the spirit of living and making the present!
    I think I'd need to be Fit & Disciplined more :D

    1. I think living in today should be the first to do in everyones list.

  4. That is so well written Nidhi!! I have read so many posts related to before you die series and this one sounds so positive... since it's all about the presence. Thanks for sharing your thoughts :)

    1. thanks for your comment..i think being positive leads to all good things in life!

  5. Replies
    1. thanks sujata ...you back to the blog after a long time....missed u


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