B for Blend..

“Neetu shall we leave, are you ready?” enquired Rishi

Neetu was ready but couldn’t muster the courage to step out. It was Rishi’s office party and she felt too much under pressure to be aptly dressed for the occasion. She didn’t want to be the odd one, out there. She had seen picture of Rishi’s last party and knew that people didn’t wear really bright colors there and the style of the people was very understated. But then she was a  new young bride and her wardrobe was full of bright colors. Also she was never very comfortable carrying western clothes, so she had decide to wear Indian so that at least she would be comfortable there. Also she very well knew Indian wear was good at covering up slips if any at the wrong time and place.

She remembered arguing with Rishi to buy her something for the occasion or not take her along. But Rishi was adamant that she has to come. Also Rishi choose the saree for Neetu and told her to wear it for the party. Neetu was a nervous wreck.

She was just gazing at herself in the mirror when she suddenly felt a hand on her shoulder. She looked up it was Rishi. She stood up hugged him and softly whispered, “I think I should not come I will look very different , I wont blend in with the crowd there.”

Rishi held her face between both his palms smiled reassuringly at her and replied, “ Why do you want to blend? I don’t want you to blend in , I want you to stand out!”

He made her sit and told, “ the only one thing I want you to blend in is my life and soul, everywhere else you have to stand out and shine”

He kissed on her forehead and they both left for the party.


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