Monday, February 25, 2019

Meri Bai nahi ayi

Tum chali gayi,
Na koi khabar, na samachar
Chod gayi mujhe lachaar,
Kaha lagao guhar,
Kyu karti ho aise baar baar,
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Tumhara rasta, dekhu subah aur shaam,
Sirf tumpe hai mera dhyaan, chod ke sara kaam,
Thak gaye, haath-pair aur saara deemag,
Kahi tum chodke mujhe gayi to nahi bhaag!

3 things that add satisfaction to my day!

So I am not an inherently positive person. Negative thoughts creep in very easily in my head and make it very difficult for me to count my blessings. However I do firmly believe , god has given me much more than I expected or deserved….so I am lucky in more ways than one. But still the darkness in me, seems to overshadow the bright sun. But being an adult, I am expected to deal with my issues on my own. So I keep devising ways to reaffirm to me…that its indeed is a good day, good week, good month and overall a good life and I m blessed to be in the best part of my life right now.

So basically, for be affirmation comes by completely a planned task or by achieving something I targeted for. I am very competitive by nature and use it to the best of my ability to bring the much needed positivity in my life!

So as it goes, I plan and decide on a daily basis to at least aim for 3 things and if I achieve those , I declare it a good day! 

#1 mindful eating:  Lunch and dinner - home cooked, basically here I am fighting my temptation to order food. Evening snack as healthy as possible, I try to keep it high protein so mostly aim for Eggs with or without bread.

#2 Clutter free space: Organized home, bed to me made as soon as I get-up. Living room free of toys and Kitchen works wrapped up on time. Putting out garbage on time.

#3 Walk..Walk…Walk: This is the only exercise I enjoy, and I have added the spice of gamification and competition in the same. I wear an activity tracker, and ever since I bought, we have been inseparable! I aim to walk 15K steps on a daily basis and but feel accomplished, even if reach 10 K and above. Also I use a Samsung phone and it also has a built in heath app where I can participate in global challenges with participants across the globe. The challenge pushes you to have 2L steps in a month, I try to achieve same in first 15 days of the month. My best till now has be 18 days!

Does this list look similar to your or if not, does it inspire you? Do you think , I need help with my list and want to recommend something that will add value to my day….please go ahead and share in comments!

Also how about we compete in a step challenge, lets set some goals for each other!

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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

3 things I do ... to make my daughter reach school on time.

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I am sure most people reading this mail are fellow mommies. We all know what a nightmare it is to drag our little ones out of bed in the morning. Believe me when I say, I have tried all possible tricks n tips. Some work, some don’t…After all kids and moms are different. With some experience at my end, if I had to chalk down 3 things that are tried and tested at my end:

  • I give her a warm bath at night, rather than in the morning. This routine has helped me more than one way. My daughter loves to spend time, soaking in her tub. Being evening , I can allow her to be in the tub to her hearts content. Also, in the evening she goes to garden and comes back looking like a brown teddy. So having  warm bath, helps her relax and slip in to bed time. She gets better and quick sleep, and wakes up squeaky clean. This saves me a lot of time and tears in the morning. For once I can let her get 15 extra mins of sleep and second no crying over wanting to have extra time in tub.
  • I keep her tiffin and school bag ready before I wake her up. By doing this, once she’s up I can spend most of my time in quickly getting her ready and then feed her well. So I don’t have juggle between kitchen and her , and focus on her completely.
  • As s bed time ritual I discuss her choice for breakfast for the next morning. This reduces morning hassles of “what to cook?”. Also no rejections from her or surprises from me, helps us have a positive start to  the day.
These are my mantras to have a peaceful morning and help my daughter reach school in time. Do let me know your gurumantras!

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

5 things that add value to my morning

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If the title of this post makes you think I am an early riser, sorry to disappoint you. But I really feel morning hours, spent well really add value to your day. With this new sense of awakening, I decided to practice to get-up early. So once I started getting up early, I felt I had a lot of time to myself. Initially like most of us this time, was spent on Insta, FB and Amazon. FB, made me realize I need to post more often, Insta made me realize I need to send more time and money on my upkeep and finally it culminated in filling my Amazon cart and emptying my wallet.

So after a lot of this I realized, if I am getting up early I have to better utilize my time. Or else I better sleep and save some good amount money. So with this started my experiments with various morning schedules, inspired by celebrities, so called social media influencer and few you tubers. After a lot of experiments and tweaking I came up with a schedule that worked for me. For any one who lies lazy morning, do not read any more. So lets begin with 5 things, that add value to my morning: 

#1 I start my day with a glass of water. This is a new habit, but I have now started to like it. It helps wake me up.

#2 I make my bed, this prevents me from going back to sleep. Also, helps me with some clutter free mind right at the start of the day.

#3 I get my Pro-Oats bowl ready. This was I have a healthy snack for when I reach home all tired and hungry.

#4 I go for a 30 mins walk. Clock it in the morning and you feel fresh and energized through your day.

#5 I skip breakfast and replace it with a mild black coffee. I know many will say, is not breakfast the most important meal of the day. But there is a concept of intermittent fasting, and I have been following it for a few months now. It has shown be good results and help me prevent food coma right at the start of the day
This my morning ritual and has been working great for me. Basically this sets the day for me and helps me accomplish most of my planned tasks for the day. Do let me know, what adds value to your morning!

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

PEACE of mind !

let’s buy peace of mind, the most expensive and sought for.  Any price is too small to pay for peace of mind. You may have to sometimes bow down, sometimes be bold and sometimes give it back. There cannot really be a one strategy fits all. You need to react depending upon the situation, person and the relationship. You also need to be ready to face the consequences. Can life really be black and white, or is it filled with shades of red rage, purple revenge and grey ignorance ?


Ability to tolerate, forgive and Ignore are all virtues of a healthy mind and body. We need to exercise them with precision to have a peaceful and happy state of mind. These virtues could very well shape your personality. None of these can be ignored, we need to assess the situation, relationship and use our experience to decide our reaction.


Life will teach you, and shape you for what’s in store for you. Trust the process and go with the flow. My experiences in life teach me to:
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Forgive always!
Ignore sometimes!!
Tolerate never !!!

Monday, November 5, 2018

Do you know that feeling ?

The feeling!
The feeling that makes you,
Smile for no reason,
Cry out of joy,
Giggle without an itch,
Hum harmony in the wind,
Shiver of cold in summer,
Sweat in winters,
Fly with your feet firm on ground,
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Most of all,
The feeling that’s,
Difficult to explain,
Beautiful to have,
Happens in a moment,
But lasts forever!!!

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

More power to your Presentations !

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Let’s begin with a question, what does PPT stand for? Yes, I know without context, it will be difficult to answer. But I still think the first thing that came to the mind of most of us is “Power Point Presentation”. When working in a corporate set-up this is a tool that is your best friend if used effectively. Using it effectively is very important, I have seen and attended epic failures. To be honest I also began the same way. You do a bad presentation and learn how to be better at it with time. But then there are better ways to learn, one of them is to imbibe certain unsaid rule, to be more effective.

I think I have set the context well, now let’s get to reality. So I basically had to present, to a varied and fairly unknown crowd. So techniques like, “know your audience” and their “expectations” didn’t work So I set out to find ways, that would help me be more impressive with my presentation deck and my overall presentation.

So began my research on tips and trick to enhance the overall experience of the presentation. I thought it would be a good idea to share the tips I learned to make my presentation better.

  • Focus on the 3Ps  “Plan” “Prepare” “Practice”.
  • Start With A Question – Works every time! Helps bring in interaction and also a good icebreaker.
  • Build a storyline, an interesting one! Weave statistics into your story, to make your stories more interesting and stats less boring!
  • Speak slow, it will help the audience to register the content better. Going too fast , will exhibit nervousness and also may cause you to miss important required details.
  • Keep your text at a minimum, you must sound & look full of information and not the slides. And for heaven sake “DO NOT READ FROM YOUR SLIDES”.
  • Break It Up With Humor, it helps break monotony and adds the much needed spunk!
  • Use bigger fonts when writing something, it must be visible from a distance.
  • Use easy to follow language, avoid heavy words. No one is judging your language skills, they are here for the content.
  • Add generous amounts of every day and personal examples. These help to connect better with the audience. 

And the best one tip is “PERFORM”, use your voice and body to add more elements and communicate your passion and energy to the audience.

Do let me know if these tips work for you. I have personally tried them out and have always good feedback. Let me know if there is something more than this that works for you and we can add that to the list.

Meri Bai nahi ayi

😓😓😓   Tum chali gayi, Na koi khabar, na samachar Chod gayi mujhe lachaar, Kaha lagao guhar, Kyu karti ho aise baar baar, ...