On my way to fitness

So I know most of you have read about my “after the new year fades plans” read→RESOLUTIONS. Having resolutions is not unique in itself, it’s fashionable and so most of us have them. What’s rather not so fashionable and not many of us do is plan actions to actually achieve them. So this time am going to do just that. The first and most important resolution in my list was that of elevating my fitness levels. I have openly called out that by mid this year I will for sure publish some before and after testimonials. This just made me realized…… I have trapped myself!

Uttarayan -- An Ayurvedic Perspective

So a New year has started and we are at the brink of our very first Festival “Makar Sankranti”. So Makar Sankranti marks the start of Uttarayan or the AdaanKaal. Today we will talk about how our bodies correspond to the changes in nature and how we can continue to guard our wellbeing during the AdaanKaal.Adaan Kaal is the period roughly between mid-January to mid-July as per the English calendar.