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Melt it off -- Detox Tea

  So we all want to find ways to melt off our hard earned fat without doing much. For that matter our primary enemy seems to be the ability to find time for exercise. So here I bring to you the best remedies to melt away those extra kilos and what better than attack that belly bulge. Also these are not exotic or expensive ingredients. We are going to use cost effective and humble ingredients from our spice box in the kitchen which we rule.   And mind you all this ayurvedic wisdom and has already tried and tested by time as well as modern science. And what’s better none of these will have any side-effects on you, rather just bring in more life and energy in you.   So Let’s begin with the ingredients and   recipe of our Detox tea. Ingredients: Whole cumin seeds Whole coriander seeds Whole fennel seeds These are readily available in every Indian kitchen and already part of our diet in some form or other. So what new, it’s the way we need to have them a