Cold Feet

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I have delivered many sessions and presentations, still every time I am up speaking, I develop cold feet. I don’t know if that’s a negative or a positive. I personally take it very positively. This trait of mine has always helped me be more prepared and better articulated when presenting. Even if it is something that I have spoken or delivered many times already I take my time to quickly summarize and have a quick walkthrough in my head.
But then there are times when you end up feeling, oh I missed giving a better example or I could have explained it better. But then again if you did it perfect every time, would it not become monotonous. And mind you, feelings are something that start to show up on your face and presentation!
So, it’s better to keep improvising, adding new thing and missing a few to remain human.
Just to Quote Dale Carnegie one of the writer who helped us become better in many ways and one of them being better public speakers.
“There are always three speeches, for everyone you actually gave. The one you practiced, the one you gave, and the one you wish you gave.”
Dale Carnegie
So, what is public speaking, it’s an act of trying to connect and exchange thoughts with a group of people while trying to share information. It’s a formal way of communication and thus calls for preparation. And since its mostly a one-way communication, we must not only be sure to make it more interactive but also light. Also, one rule that I always follow is “Show less, talk more”. I feel wordy presentations take out the essence of public speaking and distract audiences.
To make it interactive and light weight, we must make sure that we pass the required information or knowledge while making sure we persuade the audience to think, question and make them laugh a little. Because they may not remember what was discussed but they will remember you as a speaker with whom they had a good time, and will surely look forward to listening to you again.
So, these are my ways to be better prepared and break ice. These work for me, do share what works for you.


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