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This is the only section here that is not written by me. I wouldn’t refer to myself in third person. 😁

~ Nidhi
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Nidhi is so many things – Mother, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Friend, Professional, Foodie (actually this one shouldn’t be the last!), but most importantly she is an amazing woman playing many roles, dotting all her Is and crossing all her Ts while exploring everything that catches her fancy.

She is a curious person who is well-read and not afraid to speak her mind.

This blog is an extension of her – full of unique experiences, expression of vivid thoughts, musings wrapped in curiosity, and served with warmth and relatability. She knows life is short and unpredictable and hence understands that whatever she experiences, millions of others do the same and hence her stories and thoughts are relatable. People read her by her posts and she reads people by their comments, efficient system, right?

Trained as a Doctor by qualification, Nidhi works as a lead Consultant for an IT Insurance firm in Pune.

When not working relentlessly on chasing project deadlines, she can be found planting a garden in her balcony, cooking healthy yet sumptuous meals, reading about exhilarating women, inspiring her daughter, seeking wisdom from her mom, complaining how fewer people care about hobbies now or just enjoying a cup of coffee while wondering how far she could fly if she had wings!

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  1. Hi Nidhi, nice to be here :) It was surprising to know that we live in the same place! Hey, how do I follow you? Do you have an FB pageor indiblogger account or google friend connect account?

    1. Hello Sindhu,
      Good to know about you. you can follow me by sending a request with your email id, yes I have a Fb page and an inbiblogger account. In fact you are in my network also.

      Liked the pics on your blog.

      Thanks ,

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Hey doc...nice to make your acquaintance...I'm an IT engineer-to-be...so samepinch on that...and well,the writing..keep it up:)

  4. As much as I know Nidhi..
    This is perfectly & Amazingly written!! Proud of you Nidhi and Thank you so much for being there for me! xoxo


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