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Okay, so I completely agree with the thought that no one can hate music. Music is food to the soul. Depending on your appetite, you may have less or more of it in your life, but no one can starve their souls for music. Music lifts your mood, make you happy and makes you smile for no reason at all. It reminds you of the most beautiful times of your life. We being Indians , we have music very deeply rooted in our lives and culture. We have songs for all occasions. We use songs to the best of our ability, in fact we also have Bollywood parody’s for bhajan’s . Of course who doesn’t like a little Bollywood tadka in their daily prayers. I have used and relied on music many times in my life. I have used them as stress buster, tear jerkers and for many more things. Sometimes you are so full inside and music provides you that outlet. You listen to a song flow with it and in no time tear start rolling down your cheeks and you feel so light. Music reminds you of lovely moments it also take


Life has been difficult , it was never meant to be easy. But at the end it was all worth it, for you were mine. Something's they say become better with time, And you need a dark cloud to see the silver line. You have been my silver line…you are my old love. Expectations dissolve, respect evolves There’s Less of   Ego, more of let go You support me, without questions, Love me always without doubting my intentions. You are my love…my old love! Lets have a valentine week...I know it sounds cheesy...but what to do...I am just like this!