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After me

Everything will be the same…nothing will change The sun will shine, the moon will rise, The twinkle in the stars will keep its shine. There will be a day, after the cold night. Things will seem okay, if not alright. People will pause and hearts will cry, Tears in their eyes will soon run dry, Soon I will become a memory in time, Its then that I wish, you remember me. Remember me for every smile we shared, Remember me for every fight we had, Remember me for the first time we met, Remember me for my last sunset. All will be gone, except for one, It’ll be our love that will live on. I know I will be gone, for everyone one, But for you, I wish….. I wish for you to live on, Live for me, even after I am gone. FB page -  Nidhi blogs     Insta -  @nidhijoshi27 Whatsapp -  message me email - 

Quote-Unquote "ALBERT EINSTEIN"--My top 5

So I guess no one needs   an introduction for Albert Einstein, he was probably the reason we all understood the theory of relativity all so well. If only time could understand the same and respond accordingly. However he was also a person who not only worked with science but also with words. He was a very outspoken man. And here I have listed my top 5 from his words of wisdom. These are the one that define Albert Einstein and his personality for me.   You can't blame gravity for falling in love.   But I guess we can blame apple for the discovery of gravity and a whole lot of other worldly issues. Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former.   I agree, as there are learned people out there trying to find more about universe, but no one dares to find the start and end of Stupidity. Any man who can drive safely whi

Move on

The goal is progress, not perfection. -- Anonymous   My new top favorite feel good quote. What could be better than enjoying our journeys. We all have goals to achieve, but what if we start living through every milestone and be happy with every small thing that we achieve. If we start to focus more on progress and continue the pace rather keep measuring how far we are from the finish line. Let’s not move to just be the first one to reach the finish line, lets enjoy every small steps. This one is for everyone striving to be somewhere. Let’s me more content, it’s okay to not be the first one to reach   finish line. It’s important to eventually reach with all your inequalities and limitations. So let’s keep moving and soon we will be there.

5 Best Birthday Wishes

Birthdays have always been special to me. I consider them to be the one day to be celebrated to the most, to be pampered, gifted and spoiled to the limit. But then what can be better than heartfelt personal wishes, it tops my list. Everything else can happen on any day of the year but not birthday wishes. Lets try and list 5 best birthday wish-notes that you can use readily and make someone’s birthday a day worth cherishing.     Image source: Google   Very correctly said…life needs to be celebrated specially on Birthdays. After all that is the day you received the gift called life. So go ahead and celebrate it to the most. Celebrations need not be limited to birthdays, but birthdays call for the best celebrations. After all we keep looking and taking care of others the whole year, its days like these that remind us ….. we need to celebrate ourselves also.   Image source: Google   Very true…we have to stop counting in years. Lets start wishing, hopin