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my MANTRA for life

My mantra for life is really simple, really basic and can be applied no matter what. This is not something that I found out randomly had felt. “ Oh this fits so aptly to me”. This is something that was day in and day out instilled into me, right from my childhood. So end of the day I started believing in two things that have always turned to be correct, no matter what. @ “ My mom know me better, than I know myself” It has been so many times that I think of something and when I enter the house, I can smell it simmering in the kitchen. That’s the magic my mom possesses. She definitely knows what I want, when I want and how much I want it. To be really precise on this one, let me give you an example. I am a person who loves food. For me food is something that can do many more things than just suppress hunger. I feel hunger is a very personal thing, you cannot explain or expect someone to understand or know how hungry you are. But nope this doesn’t stand true for my mom. It has


I don’t fast as don’t like the idea of pleasing god by staying hungry. I would rather eat healthy and spread some laughter and life while serving some delicious food to people I love or feel blessed by saving and offering some to the less fortunate. Well I have never understood the concept of fasting. Let me list a few things people say in favor of fasting: ·          “Thoda araam do bhai apne pet ko….ek din na khao” really how about giving some rest to rets of the organs like your heart, lungs. I am sure heart and lungs work much harder and are the perfect candidates for rest. So basically I think this arguments doesn’t stand tall at all. The day people start giving rest to more vital organs, the stomach will automatically get the required rest. ·          “Langhanam Param Aushadahma” Yes I do believe in this, but when the larger public is observing a fast do they really do fast. Rather they have a whole new menu for that day. It seems more like a feast then a fast. And I

Hmmmm…..No Please …xxx

“learning to say no can earn you respect from yourself as well those around you.” ― Auliq Ice I m in love with Mr. Ice….doesn’t he have a cool name…….more so I feel his thoughts are so so cool…… Sometimes…….actually these days most of the times all I want to say to the people around me is “NO”…..Doesn’t it sound so simple….but let me tell you ppl……it isn’t easy…no one is ready for a “NO”……We live in a world where everyone wants affirmation and gives  out only negative vibes…but its more than this….I feel being able to say “NO” is a big thing…most of the time my heart, soul and mind is shouting “NO”….“NO”…….“NO”……and all I Utter is a gentle and reassuring “hmmm”. Why is it so difficult to just say no and move ahead…..why do we have to affirm to the standards set my the society….why cant I just be myself……its ok ….its okay to be rude…..then be fake…..   But people are not ready for his…..not being able to say no…make me feel as if I have lost my identity…..I have lost my o