I don’t fast as don’t like the idea of pleasing god by staying hungry. I would rather eat healthy and spread some laughter and life while serving some delicious food to people I love or feel blessed by saving and offering some to the less fortunate. Well I have never understood the concept of fasting. Let me list a few things people say in favor of fasting:

·         “Thoda araam do bhai apne pet ko….ek din na khao” really how about giving some rest to rets of the organs like your heart, lungs. I am sure heart and lungs work much harder and are the perfect candidates for rest. So basically I think this arguments doesn’t stand tall at all. The day people start giving rest to more vital organs, the stomach will automatically get the required rest.

·         “Langhanam Param Aushadahma” Yes I do believe in this, but when the larger public is observing a fast do they really do fast. Rather they have a whole new menu for that day. It seems more like a feast then a fast. And I am sure the stomach and all other related digestive tract organs must be working extra time to accommodate the sudden surge of ghee fried Sabudana khichadi, Singadana Ladoo, Aloo wafers, Banana chips etc. These items are high calorie foods that can be consumed in small amounts and imagine having all of them together in various combinations in the course of a day.

·         “Yeh upvas bahot jaroori hai, isse pati ki umar lambi hoti hai aur saat janam tak ka sath rehta hai”  now my argument here is that what if it is your satva janam together. Common yaar, yaha ek janam ki gurantee nai, sath janam kisne dekhe hai? And also if I can fast can add years to his lifespan, why doesn’t what I eat add kgs to him. Shouldn’t it work this way, it must be two way lane right. “Main bhuki—pati ki umar badi, mene daba ke thusa—pati ki kamar badi” Alas it can only be a fantasy.


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