my MANTRA for life

My mantra for life is really simple, really basic and can be applied no matter what. This is not something that I found out randomly had felt. “ Oh this fits so aptly to me”. This is something that was day in and day out instilled into me, right from my childhood. So end of the day I started believing in two things that have always turned to be correct, no matter what.

@ “ My mom know me better, than I know myself”

It has been so many times that I think of something and when I enter the house, I can smell it simmering in the kitchen. That’s the magic my mom possesses. She definitely knows what I want, when I want and how much I want it. To be really precise on this one, let me give you an example. I am a person who loves food. For me food is something that can do many more things than just suppress hunger. I feel hunger is a very personal thing, you cannot explain or expect someone to understand or know how hungry you are. But nope this doesn’t stand true for my mom. It has happened multiple times that she comments that I have overloaded my plate and I won’t be able to finish. With my usual reaction being, I know how hungry I am. But it’s a story that repeats itself every time, I end-up either too stuffed to move or worse wasting food. But I really don’t know how can she judge me so perfectly. With her having perfected this trait so well. I have decided that it better to follow her than to fall head on. So this is my mantra for life now. Also I believe she has seen the world more than I have or can. So she is the best person to judge a situation and let me know how to proceed.

@ “All that happens, happens for good”

Now this is something that my mom tells, no matter what happens….it happens for good. She always say, we are a dumb species and god always knows better. If we leave everything to him nothing bad can happen. We are not that farsighted to understand the true reasons behind the deeds of god. Also we are too small to question back or doubt his decision. We have to just do the righteous thing and then leave the rest to him. The decision that he makes for us, can never fail. So believe in him and just live on.
I know this can be difficult to believe in times of pain and sorrow. But then again remember he only takes away something from us to give something so much more better. Everything has it time and place in his world. Nothing you do can change or affect it. We are just a small piece in his big creation.

So just close your eyes and set a firm belief that, “All that happens, happens for good” and believe me it will lead you to peace and happiness.

jyada heavy to nahi hua na:)


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