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PEACE of mind !

let’s buy peace of mind, the most expensive and sought for.   Any price is too small to pay for peace of mind. You may have to sometimes bow down, sometimes be bold and sometimes give it back. There cannot really be a one strategy fits all. You need to react depending upon the situation, person and the relationship. You also need to be ready to face the consequences. Can life really be black and white, or is it filled with shades of red rage, purple revenge and grey ignorance ?   Ability to tolerate, forgive and Ignore are all virtues of a healthy mind and body. We need to exercise them with precision to have a peaceful and happy state of mind. These virtues could very well shape your personality. None of these can be ignored, we need to assess the situation, relationship and use our experience to decide our reaction.   Life will teach you, and shape you for what’s in store for you. Trust the process and go with the flow. My experiences in life teach me to:   PIC

Do you know that feeling ?

The feeling! The feeling that makes you,   Smile for no reason, Cry out of joy, Giggle without an itch, Hum harmony in the wind, Shiver of cold in summer, Sweat in winters, Fly with your feet firm on ground,     PIC source - Google Most of all, The feeling that’s,   Difficult to explain, Beautiful to have, Happens in a moment, But lasts forever!!!

More power to your Presentations !

Image source - Google Let’s begin with a question, what does PPT stand for? Yes, I know without context, it will be difficult to answer. But I still think the first thing that came to the mind of most of us is “Power Point Presentation”. When working in a corporate set-up this is a tool that is your best friend if used effectively. Using it effectively is very important, I have seen and attended epic failures. To be honest I also began the same way. You do a bad presentation and learn how to be better at it with time. But then there are better ways to learn, one of them is to imbibe certain unsaid rule, to be more effective. I think I have set the context well, now let’s get to reality. So I basically had to present, to a varied and fairly unknown crowd. So techniques like, “know your audience” and their “expectations” didn’t work So I set out to find ways, that would help me be more impressive with my presentation deck and my overall presentation. So began my research on

Engineering culture and a working MOM !! - Part 2

  As I look back, my journey as a mother has been phenomenal. I have been amazed at myself and my daughter. I have been through things that I didn’t ever feel I would be able to survive. One look at my daughter, I comprehend how rapidly kids learn. Even these tiny beings have an awareness of the surrounding and quickly camouflages itself from danger or uncertainty. This journey has made me more aware than ever, I today know how important it is to change and not all goes by as planned. The best way to plan for a better future is to be ready for a change at any given point of time. As we all know kids grow and learn very fast, so they outgrow their toys and clothes very quickly. And I being a working mom, try and invest my time very wisely to make sure I can avoid repetitive visits to the shopping mall. As I know every visit brings along a lot of tantrums and unnecessary stuff home. So I started focusing on things that could be reused and upcycled with a   growing child. That

Engineering culture and a working mom!

For a while now, the buzz word we hear all around us is “Engineering culture”. I recently had an exposure to it and it fascinated me a lot. It feels like we are back to basic and talking in terms of how we can help someone have a better experience at the most vulnerable times. In the world of AI we are still depending on what my customer feels. But nevertheless, it in fact is a very powerful tool and the things it talks about are not bound under the boundary of software development. I felt a need to try and them at my only product and/or customer and that never shies away from giving me straight at my face feedback “My Kid”. Pic courtesy - Google   It all started very gradually, with me firstly understanding how I had been focusing so much on making my daughter do what I felt was right. And that meant I had to reiterate myself all the time and to get things done. And this was my first encounter of “output vs outcome”. I was getting all that I wanted done from my daughter.

Women and income tax

The hardest thing to understand in the world is the income tax. -- Albert Einstein. That’s it, even the great Albert Einstein found it difficult to understand income tax and we poor women thought it was only us. Also, after this statement I believe even men like us sail in the same boat, but pretend to be know-it-all of the financial bandwagon. But all said and done, finances are indeed very important part of our daily life. To not try to understand is not only foolish but also very dangerous. We women very often proudly delegate all financial paperwork to our male counterparts and feel relaxed. However there is nothing wrong in doing this, it really helps that we keep ourselves up-to-date and aware.   What better time to do this, than at the start of a fresh financial year. Also in wake of the recent demonitization it is very important that we learn and equip ourselves with variuos digital ways to transact. Most of us who are empoyed, atlea