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Virtual is the new reality

This one feels a little difficult in the beginning, but at the same time very intriguing. It feels like the new normal from now on. I agree it can’t replace the human need to socialize, but it came to our rescue when we needed it the most. We were able to socialize responsibly, so basically, we were distanced but still social. “Human beings are social animals”, is the first behavioral aspect we learn about our species. So, the lockdown was stimulating for us and challenged one of our most primitive traits. I feel slowly but steadily people are now understanding and valuing the difference virtual presence can make in our lives. I remember few months back we were discussing this topic in office (the good old days) and were told to think of use cases that can be used to do a POC, or just to build a hypothesis around the idea of VR. We thought of so many and the thought that lingered in my head was “why would someone not want to do things in person?”   I guess me and anyone who ever