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The Stranger

It was Neetu and her friend Baiju. Everything around them was filled with love and laughter.   They were inseparable. They never made any plan but were always found wandering together. Life was one roller coaster ride for them. They shared almost all interests, choices and nothing really ever came between them. Still they were unique in their own ways. Neetu was more outgoing and adventurous whereas Baiju was the serious one. Probably these difference in their personalities complemented them even better. They had know each other for the longest time, but the most surprising thing was they had started hanging together only since a year. But that didn’t reflect in their friendship. It was an afternoon, nothing special and different from any other day. Like always the sun, heat or crowd really didn’t make much of a difference for them. They were sitting in the college library and had spontaneously planned to go for a movie. They never wasted time in panning. They had an idea

jo dikhta hai par sach nahi hai

Khayalo ki bheed me, har ehsaas   gehra sa lagta hai, Dhoop itani tej hai ki har rang Sunehra sa lagta hai. Raat me to har taara hi chamakta sa lagta hai,                      Sach ka chadar udhe har jhooth sacha sa lagta hai. Ajmaishe itani hui, ki khud ko bahot badal liya, Ab to apna saya bhi apna sa nai lagta. Sach ka chasma pehenkar jab duniya dekhi, Ankhe moond ke jeena achanak acha sa lagta hai P.S:Even after giving it  a lot of thought, could not zero in on a name. So now it is upto the readers. Please suggest an appropriate name. the post title will remain empty till we get a name.

To, My daughter…..

Hi Beta, How are you? I know you must be at your best…….cos you are so close to god.He must be taking the best care of you. You know i and Papa miss you a lot and dream of you every night. You know we call you Bobu…out of love. There is not a moment when we don't think or care for you. Its just that god probably wanted us to have a very very long distance relationship….. But you know what they say…. “Love conquers all distances”. Its really true beta……the distance between us doesn't matter…we are still so close. You are more special to me than anything else….you are more than a daughter to me…you are my guardian angel…and i know you will always be around. People think i have lost a daughter….no i haven't she is with me……she will always love me and care for me from up above …she is a very strong support for me when i am alone….You left me not alone but stronger and wiser then ever….you taught me things that one takes a lifetime to learn and decipher… I didn't se

The night

She closed her eyes, clinched her fist tight enough for her long nails to hurt her. She wanted to feel the pain, she wanted it to be sharp enough to silent her thoughts. She was tired of trying to avoid them, as they would come back every time she was alone. They never left her alone. It was her head criticizing her all the time. She wanted to be incessantly good to everyone and at everything and this pressure was eating her up. She had set such high standards for herself that however good she did she was never good enough to be the best. She was tired of this. She finally opened her eyes and looks at Rishi who was sleeping besides her. She decided to wake him up and talk to him. But then she had nothing to discuss, he like always was happy with her and didn’t have any complains. The problem was her, she decided to take action. She knew something was wrong here and no Rishi was neither able to understand nor comfort her. She switched on her laptop and started typing and soon sh

Bahot badal gayi

Tareef sunne se jyada samjhana sikh gayi, Door hoke bhi pass rehane ka hunar sikh gayi, Andhere me tak   teri parchayi ban gayi. Tere sath rehkar mein bahot badal gayi !  

dubeyji shopping chali……

If you think this post is about shopping you are wrong……it’s about dubeyji…no still wrong….so let’s figure out what is this post is about…… I call dubeyji….,”Where are you?” Dubeyji, “Rickshaw going to MG road…” I, “Don’t you know there have been 5 blasts in JM road(which is near FC road)?” Dubeyji, “Yes, I know….I was on my way to FC road when I heard about the blasts….so diverted the rickshaw to MG road.” I, “Are you mad….what makes you think you are safe in MG road? Also is shopping so damn important…you better once again divert the direction in which the nose of your rickshaw is moving….” Dubeyji…interrupting me, ” what do you mean?” I, ” I mean come back home…no need of all this…” Dubeyji disappointed,” okay..” The call ended…and I thought to myself, what have  we become….insensitive or immune….. I think both we are insensitive to the situation in which others are and immune to the fact that we can very well be the next person in their shoes…..blasts, terrorist attac