jo dikhta hai par sach nahi hai

Khayalo ki bheed me, har ehsaas  gehra sa lagta hai,
Dhoop itani tej hai ki har rang Sunehra sa lagta hai.

Raat me to har taara hi chamakta sa lagta hai,                    
Sach ka chadar udhe har jhooth sacha sa lagta hai.

Ajmaishe itani hui, ki khud ko bahot badal liya,
Ab to apna saya bhi apna sa nai lagta.

Sach ka chasma pehenkar jab duniya dekhi,
Ankhe moond ke jeena achanak acha sa lagta hai

P.S:Even after giving it  a lot of thought, could not zero in on a name. So now it is upto the readers. Please suggest an appropriate name. the post title will remain empty till we get a name.


  1. Replies
    1. thanx Ananya..suggest a name please..


  2. Such a beautiful composition, Nidhi. I loved reading it.
    Well about the title, I can tell you that only about the shayar i.e. an Urdu poet, just use a 'high impact line' or oftenly the first line of their composition as the title. There are several ways to understand a poem. A title to sum-up whole is difficult to find. Still you can use something as jo dikhta hai par sach nahi hai for this post; may be like 'marichika kriti ' meaning 'illusion poem'.

    Read me

  3. thanx Shoaib...will use your suggestions going ahead.
    this one will be named "jo dikhta hai par sach nahi hai" as suggested by you.

  4. Thanks Nidhi. And you write good.


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