dubeyji shopping chali……

If you think this post is about shopping you are wrong……it’s about dubeyji…no still wrong….so let’s figure out what is this post is about……
I call dubeyji….,”Where are you?”
Dubeyji, “Rickshaw going to MG road…”
I, “Don’t you know there have been 5 blasts in JM road(which is near FC road)?”
Dubeyji, “Yes, I know….I was on my way to FC road when I heard about the blasts….so diverted the rickshaw to MG road.”
I, “Are you mad….what makes you think you are safe in MG road? Also is shopping so damn important…you better once again divert the direction in which the nose of your rickshaw is moving….”
Dubeyji…interrupting me, ” what do you mean?”
I, ” I mean come back home…no need of all this…”
Dubeyji disappointed,” okay..”
The call ended…and I thought to myself, what have  we become….insensitive or immune…..
I think both we are insensitive to the situation in which others are and immune to the fact that we can very well be the next person in their shoes…..blasts, terrorist attacks, accidents, train crashes…have all become a normal everyday thing for us?? We have become so used to all this that we hardly care. We are living in today and still don’t care what happens around.
Being insensitive and immune have both stemmed out of one single  thing and that is ignorance. We talk for some time and then just start ignoring things and eventually forget….
We talk about the spirit of people…saying things get back to normal in a jiffy…..but it’s not normal to get back to normal so soon….we need to remember this…few pictures in the news…breaking news…and in sometime some new thing replaces all this…it’s not normal. It not normal to get back without realising that all this will leave a permanent impact on some people. Some people will never forget that day… That time and will live with it forever…..
So what if we are not physically injured in the blast. We must not forget and carry the scar in our hearts and try to heal at least one person…if everyone heals at least one person…..world will definitely be a better place…..a small bunch of people cannot hold so many people to ransom…our good deeds and sentiments can very easily outnumber all antisocial elements.
So don’t forget…don’t move on…..start working towards a better and more peaceful world…..don’t just divert  your route you don’t know what’s in store……


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