To, My daughter…..

Hi Beta,
How are you? I know you must be at your best…….cos you are so close to god.He must be taking the best care of you.
You know i and Papa miss you a lot and dream of you every night. You know we call you Bobu…out of love.
There is not a moment when we don't think or care for you. Its just that god probably wanted us to have a very very long distance relationship….. But you know what they say…. “Love conquers all distances”. Its really true beta……the distance between us doesn't matter…we are still so close. You are more special to me than anything else….you are more than a daughter to me…you are my guardian angel…and i know you will always be around.
People think i have lost a daughter….no i haven't she is with me……she will always love me and care for me from up above …she is a very strong support for me when i am alone….You left me not alone but stronger and wiser then ever….you taught me things that one takes a lifetime to learn and decipher…
I didn't see you but i am sure you were a true reflection of god’s grace. you were so pure that you didn't belong to a dirty world down here.
But remember you have to come back…stronger..prettier and lovelier than ever…i cry for you…papa smiles for you…..but we both love you the same…its just our different ways of expressing the same……You are special to me cos i have felt your touch…but i know papa is more special to you cos you have felt his touch and seen his eyes full of love belonging to you.
But i know soon you will be back with my smile….these #tears are just washing away all my pain so that i am all clean and happy before you are back…..
Love you a lot my dear angel……wanted to give you a really meaningful and lovely name……the search is still on…hope i can finalize one by the time you are back……
Mom…..(or anything else that you would like to call me)

Neetu kept the pen down, smiled and the #tears never stopped.


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    1. Tears always come as an outburst of emotions..Aayesha!
      Thanks for taking out time to read.


  2. thanks for taking out time to read.


  3. Replies
    1. Very correct Aditya, some loss are too big to ever be recovered.
      Thanks for reading.


  4. Replies
    1. sorry for that, but really happy my writing touched you.


  5. And the tears rolled down my eyes...

  6. I could actually visualize her sitting, writing that letter.
    Well written, Nidhi.

  7. She's is already back.
    She is Elona.


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