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5 most annoying phone calls

You dig up a time capsule you buried years ago. Instead of memorabilia, you find a modern phone. It rings…..rings….rings and ring. You see it’s an unknown number, wary of the kind of call people get from unknown numbers. You still somehow muster the courage to pick up the call. And, what happens?   let’s look at the first 5 calls you attend, believe me these top the list of 5 most annoying calls.   The first call I get is from a telemarketer trying to sell   you a credit card. I tell you these days the only people who really want me to spend on myself are these poor credit card sellers. They are the only ones actually giving me a credit card. God forbid but everyone else in this world is only asking for my credit card…to bill me off. So I treasure a conversation with them, they really have the trust on me, they are not like those home loan people. Home loan guys   make run behind them all the while making you feel so worthless. They have that look which says, “ tera ghar gaadi

Missed call

You dig up a time capsule you buried years ago. Instead of memorabilia, you find a modern phone. It rings…..rings….rings and by the time you pick it up...all you have is a missed call...from an unknown number...with no balance to call back... And then you curse yourself for not putting a recharge voucher along with other things in the time capsule...

Coat your Oats

Now everyone by now knows how good Oats are for us. They are high in fiber have a low GI, there by being the food of choice for better health and fitness. But making people eating oats can be a task. Somehow for me the prepacked instant oats doesn’t work. I don’t like there taste nor the gooey texture. But remember where there is a will there is always a way. Thus began my quest of making the all so healthy oats taste better. So in my quest to make oats palate friendly I started experimenting, and this time by the grace of god succeeded in most of my attempts. Also I realized that Oats are tasteless so can be incorporated into almost anything. Also they can be very well disguised and used in most of the foods and unless you say no one will notice the change in taste the only thing I am sure everyone around will notice will be your shrinking waist and better health.  Okay so lest begin with   listing my best experiments that have helped me embrace oats into my daily life.

ROTI wahi jo GOL GOL ho

Okay so this is a nightmare task for every newly married girl. Also this is the first thing every mother teaches her daughter. So this makes us understand how integral a good roti is to the life and wellbeing of an Indian household. I have sailed in the same boat. Even today I am not perfect every time I started rolling those roti’s , shape , size, thickness all have to be taken care of. So to learn the tips and tricks of we first need to know the characteristics of a good roti. There are five basic criteria based on which we can judge a roti:   Shape : Perfectly Round…. sirf world map ko resemble honi chahiye kisi country ya continent ki map ko resemble karti roti..roti nai hoti . So basically round. This helps it cook uniformly and look appetizing.   Size : Now this can get tricky. The size of a roti depends and changes from family to family. So the best way to understand it the size is to use the principle of relative sizing. So a roti is relatively bigger than a p

FIRST CRUSH -- Innocent or Arrogant

All she wanted was attention, She wanted all for her. She never wanted to be anyone’s, Just wanted everyone to want to be hers.   She wanted to be the first, She became the first for so many. Innocent she thought , arrogant she was. She crushed too many a hearts. But amidst the crowd, she forgot, Feeling was important then winning, Being was important then having your very own, FIRST CRUSH PS: Lets share our first crush...who was it...are you still friends with them.

Add it small here to lose it big there

One thing we often hear women say is, “ I wish I had more time, I would definitely exercise and look my best”. But ladies let me tell you, how much ever you yelp over this, no one is going to add more hours to your day. And also if just sit and keep moaning of time shortage, you are doing nothing but killing even more time. So either accept the situation and live with it or get up and try to change it. Everyone has the same set of hours and still are able to accomplish all that they are willing, Its just all bout priorities. Remember the good old saying ‘where there is a will there is a way’. But at the same time we have to agree, time is a relatively expensive resource specially for ladies who have to single handedly juggle too many things in their life in a day. So what do we do, how to find sunshine in a gloomy day. I know at some occasion when you do have time you don’t have the strength to endure a 60 or lets says even a 30 mins exercise schedule. Plus add to that the stre