5 most annoying phone calls

You dig up a time capsule you buried years ago. Instead of memorabilia, you find a modern phone. It rings…..rings….rings and ring. You see it’s an unknown number, wary of the kind of call people get from unknown numbers. You still somehow muster the courage to pick up the call. And, what happens?  let’s look at the first 5 calls you attend, believe me these top the list of 5 most annoying calls.
The first call I get is from a telemarketer trying to sell  you a credit card. I tell you these days the only people who really want me to spend on myself are these poor credit card sellers. They are the only ones actually giving me a credit card. God forbid but everyone else in this world is only asking for my credit card…to bill me off. So I treasure a conversation with them, they really have the trust on me, they are not like those home loan people. Home loan guys  make run behind them all the while making you feel so worthless. They have that look which says, “ tera ghar gaadi …sab meri hai.”
The second call is obviously from the well-wishers of a dying child in dire need of my donation. I really don’t understand how come every time they have a dying child they choose me to help. According to my condition if at all I make any donation, the next person for whom they will need to ask for donation will be me. 1st EMI, 2nd EMI, 3rd EMI....itane EMIs ke baad bachta kya hai? When I took loan , they told me EMI stands for Easy monthly installment, today after the EMIs exit my bank account my heart cries out.   Today for me EMI stands for EVERY MONTH INSULTS…..they really make you feel poorer than you really think you are.
The third call comes from the ecommerce website from which I had purchased that thing which was not required, hence never used but safely stored to be used one day on a fine occasion.  And now since you I bought it from them I am liable for a feedback. I don’t know what on earth do they do with this feedback. I have kept the product and not returned it. Is that not enough! If I really have a feedback I can always go and give it in their website why call me? Okay, why waste time arguing, so I give nice a feedback and end it. But it doesn’t end here you receive a second call for a feedback on the executive who took feedback from you! At this point of time the only thing I want it to do is #%$&*
The fourth call is from a very esteemed person. I can miss any call on this earth but one from this person. However important that conference call with client be, I have to excuse myself for this call. The client can wait but the KAAMWALI BAI cannot. And mind you, if I tell the client that it’s the maid on the other  call they would oblige and readily excuse me for the oh so important call. Very cautiously I take the call and all hell breaks loose as soon as I here , “ Madam me kal nai aongi”. I go into a shock and wish it weren’t true. But little can I do. Sorry but I can’t write any further, as I am sobbing in pity for the poor madam( ME) of the KAAMWALI BAI.
Last but not the least the phone rings again and this time again it’s a unknown number. After so many disastrous calls, I really dreaded picking up again. But I gather all my courage and pick it up. from the other end, “ Babli kaisa hai be?” through the day first time someone is asking how are you, I smile and am about to say, “me thik hoon” when I realize my name isn’t Babli! But then anyways I continue the conversation and instead of a bye I end it saying, “ Sorry yaar wrong no. hai, but maja aya tujhse baat karke, Babli ko mera hi kehna”.
This is it! I decide, quickly switching off the phone I put it in the time capsule and bury it again… and turn back start walking, deciding never to return again.


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