ROTI wahi jo GOL GOL ho

Okay so this is a nightmare task for every newly married girl. Also this is the first thing every mother teaches her daughter. So this makes us understand how integral a good roti is to the life and wellbeing of an Indian household. I have sailed in the same boat. Even today I am not perfect every time I started rolling those roti’s, shape , size, thickness all have to be taken care of. So to learn the tips and tricks of we first need to know the characteristics of a good roti.
There are five basic criteria based on which we can judge a roti:
Shape : Perfectly Round….sirf world map ko resemble honi chahiye kisi country ya continent ki map ko resemble karti roti..roti nai hoti. So basically round. This helps it cook uniformly and look appetizing.
Size : Now this can get tricky. The size of a roti depends and changes from family to family. So the best way to understand it the size is to use the principle of relative sizing. So a roti is relatively bigger than a puri and relatively smaller than a paratha. So its somewhere in between find your balance and there you go.
Thickness : Again thickness also has the same rule as size so the roti has to be thinner than a puri and thicker than a paratha….:)  no not paratha it has to be thicker compared to a papad. So the thickens is somewhere between a  papad and a puri.
Color : So for the color its must definitely not be black…if it’s that color then that means your poor roti is burnt and you have to start all over again. So what does an appetizing roti look like. It looks white in color with small pale black spots that indicate that it was roasted well.
Texture : Now texture is an outcome of all of the above. If all goes well, and all above are ticked in the checklist then that means texture is going to be good. So the texture must be a soft bite. Must be easily torn using fingers while eating.
So now that we have enough knowledge on how to judge a good roti, lets proceed to some tips and tricks that will help us make that best roti. The best thing that you do for a roti is to begin with a nice supple dough and rest will all fall in place. So you will see most of the tips and tricks revolving around the process of making the dough ready for rotis.
Tips and tricks:
  • Knead dough using warm milk or water.
  • Knead dough using left over water when making paneer.
  • Add some warm oil to the dough.
  • Give dough at least 30 mins of resting time.
  • Once the dough is kneaded apply oil to its surface and cover it with a vessel. Let it rest for 30 mins.
  • Make sure the dough is nor too stiff nor to soft.
  • Make sure to roll them uniformly, so that cook well.
  • start rolling from the edges so that the edges remain uniform and thin so that they get cooked well.
I am sure with these tips the roti’s will always turn out soft and delicious. But remember nothing beats experience and practices. Also one of the most important ingredient to any cooking is love. My mom always says “Man se banoa to jaroor acha banega

Chalo fir Roti taiyaar hai...khane chalo


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