She believed, She Could, So She did - Minnie & Sona Thakur

Minnie & Sona Thakur

"My daughter is super amazing and I am the lucky one to have her as my partner forever", says who - Minnie Thakur's mom. They are one amazing jodi. soft-spoken, polite and very professional. she has that lovely chirp in her voice, that make dealing with her a pleasure. she is  young, vivacious and very friendly human. she lost her father early in life and since then her mother has been her pillar of strength till date. She has a younger sister, who is in healthcare sector. Minnie is very young, but a brilliant artisan and a business women with sharp skills. Her father's death did rock the family, but they emerged stronger than ever. She has done her Bachelors in Commerce, but her experience and moms support add to much more. Let now hear more about her, from her.

1. What service(s) or product(s) do you offer/manufacture? ...

I own  my own jewelry brand "Swarg Collection".Its a brand of imitation jewelry. All our pieces are handcrafted. we deal in made to order and customized jewelry pieces. We have a huge range right from casual to bridal jewelry.



2. How did you get your idea or concept ? ...

I cannot forget the day which changed my mom’s life. I was working as a Customer relationship manager in a 10 to 6 job. My mom was also working 10 to 6, for a jewelry designer. Somehow, my mom managed to get a client through some contact. She had received an order worth 5000. She was very much happy that she had finally earned it and was going for her own order. However,  soon that person cancelled the order and my mom broke to bits. She was crying bitterly, it was her dream that crashed, she cried whole night. I couldn’t see tears in her eyes, very next day I got an idea to post her hand made jewelry on Facebook. From then on it was no looking back for us. We build a huge network of customers and resellers. Today we independently run our business and have build a niche for us in the market.

3.What do the day-to-day responsibilities of the role look like ? ...

I play multiple roles through the day. Be it a wife, daughter in law, daughter, sister and a business women. My husband recently decided to get a full time house-help and this now helps me give more time and concentrate more on my work.

4. What are some of the mistakes you wish you could have avoided ? ...

As being human i have  also made many Mistakes 

My biggest mistake, was to trust people blindly and not be upfront in money matters. But people teach you, although at a cost. I would recommend people to be very clear and be blunt. Please ask for payment in advance and upfront.

5. Are you happy and what would you change ? ...

Yes I am happy.

I am happy because with my decision of starting my own business. My mom is working from home she doesn't need to go out to work anymore. There was a time when she used to work under someone, now there is a time when two staff work under her. Still, if I get a chance to change something, I would like to change the mentality of people who think that woman can’t do anything!

My mom and me we started, build and continue to thrive a successful business. 

6. A quote you stand by ...

An independent girl they titled her,

A blessed daughter of open minded mother’’,

I corrected 😊 

Wow, such a blessed daughter. To win in life, you need people to believe in you and your dream. But a daughter striving for her mothers dream, is such an inspiration. we need more such daughters and more such mothers. believe in your girls, and they will the moon for you!


  1. Inspiring reality of mom and daughter. Thanks for publishing. This blog made a difference in my life.

  2. Love you both blessed to have such a wonderful person as vendor

  3. You and your mother is so sweet and your work is amazing. No one give such good quality.

  4. U n ur mom is are very hard working.. N n wonderful person

  5. Beautiful as always ❤️

  6. Wahoo you are inspiration for everyone

  7. Excellent come back from such sad things happens in life but never thought of come back for what it was decided to achieve. I wish all the best for future plans to Mini and her mom.


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