Love Vs Fear

Shambhavi was tired and stressed out. Why was she being forced to continue working? She wanted to quit! She had it all planned out. She knew what, where, how and was ready to fail if it didnt work. She was not afraid, but her parents were. They didnt get it. It was very difficult for them to understand her suffocation.

Her father had spent all his life in the same job where he started. He spend his life balancing and not really aspiring. He was a good man, Who kept the needs of his family above his aspirations, be it professional or personal life. He would always agree to avoid conflict and confrontation. Shambhavi was given all the freedom, education and comfort he didn't have. However, when it was time for her to look for stability, she wanted to give it all up.

Shambhavi on the other hand, wanted to explore and live on her own terms. She wanted to travel and paint. Her father wanted her happiness, but deep down he knew money was important. Didnt he keep his dreams aside for financial security?

They had the dinner togather, but not with each other. They were physically there but not with their heart and mind. Shambhavi quietly finished her dinner and went to sleep. Her constant thinking had tired her and she soon felt asleep. Her father on the other had...couldnt sleep at all. He was in his rocking chair all night. He kept staring at the dark sky and thoughts kept running in his mind. The night went by and soon it was dawn. He had made a decision and was determined to stick to it. He got up and walked to Shambhavi's room. He entered and saw her engrossed in a painting with hands soiled with colours.
He patted her back, Shambhavi turned to him and both uttered the same words, "I agree to your wish." They both hugged and tear kept trickling down. As they say "Sometimes you have to lose all that you have, to find out who you truly are." They both wanted to lose themselves for the other. Love won, fear lost....


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