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Hello all, I know all of you are wondering what is Happythroidism. We all have heard of hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism, but this sounds something new. Just to clarify I have not invented any new disease; I know I am a doctor but I am not that good girls. In fact, this post talks about the patient in me and not doctor.  Also, I am not trying to tell you the disease that I am diagnosed with but here this post talks about my state of mind, post my diagnosis. Normally after a series of pathological investigation when we zero down on an illness, we are sad to endure a long-term treatment. As most of us are aware that any kind of thyroid hormone related imbalance calls for a lifelong external supply of hormone with the help of oral pills. But then why do you think I am happy and why do I term my illness to be anything but Happythyroidism.

So basically, let me begin with what caused me to go for those needle prick investigation when I am so afraid of needles. Let’s say I am a classic textbook version of hypothyroidism, so I had all the classic symptoms. For those lucky unaware readers first let me list down the long list of symptoms associated with hypothyroidism. Now since the list is made by me, so it will be a list of my symptoms. See you rule when you have your own blog! 

  •        Depression
  •        Hair fall
  •        Weight gain
  •        Dryness of hair, skin and eyes
  •        Cracking nails
  •        Forgetfulness
  •        Fatigue
  •        Mouth ulcers

This is not an exhaustive list, but the biggest problem was that I was sad and miserable all the time. Didn’t feel like doing much or even trying anything new. I didn’t like talking to people and was most of the time in my own capsulated world. So basically, I was feeling pathetic, and I had to do something for it. A sudden bout of Gastroenteritis triggered a series of pathological investigation. Also, I was so tired of being what I had become and wanted to overcome it any cost. So finally, the results arrived, and I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and severe deficiency of vitamin B12 and D3. But this brought such relief for me, because now I knew the reason for my problems and finally, I could see light at the end of the tunnel. So I had a broad smile after seeing my reports and the doctor exclaimed, “I think I made a wrong diagnosis, it’s not hypothyroidism but Happythyroidism” And I totally agreed with him, I was happy after a long time and knew the reason for my various ailments. Also, I knew it was real and not something in my head. So here I begin my journey of Happythyroidism. This post is just the beginning and will continue. I know it is a long struggle and we will slowly conquer every fight. So, this series will continue and will have all little special things that work for me and will work for other also. So cheer-up girls …let’s make it Happythyroidism..and a motivating factor for a better and healthier life!



  1. Wow I really liked when you said 'I knew the reason of my problems'. That's so true it's lot better when you know the demon because when you don't , you blame your self for all the problems. Kudos to you for sharing your experience here


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