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Things sleep does for me

Sleep I believe is one of the fundamental things required for our existence. But I have always used in rarely. I very very rarely sleep in the afternoons. Somehow I believe I am losing productive hours. Mind you I mostly do nothing productive, but the fear of not being able to use the hours keep me awake.   One more very important reason why I avoid sleeping in the afternoon is that it gives me a weird hangover. It’s a complicated mix of feeling very sluggish and having a head full of heaviness. But nevertheless I still value my sack…love to be a quick birdie in the bed. I have forever struggled to be an early riser, but I am working towards it. I am more successful these days, I think this is one weird thing you learn and master with age. So by now you know I have a love-hate relationship with sleep. I try to love it in the night and eventually fall in love, in the morning and it loves me back in the afternoon during office meetings. I don’t know if this happens to all, but every

Two Deaths

That day I died two deaths, one when I was told my unborn child was no more, second when I saw you heave a sigh of relief knowing it was a girl! My first try at one liner fiction. Feedback eagerly awaited. FB page -  Nidhi blogs     Insta -  @nidhijoshi27 Whatsapp -  message me email -