Things sleep does for me

Sleep I believe is one of the fundamental things required for our existence. But I have always used in rarely. I very very rarely sleep in the afternoons. Somehow I believe I am losing productive hours. Mind you I mostly do nothing productive, but the fear of not being able to use the hours keep me awake.  One more very important reason why I avoid sleeping in the afternoon is that it gives me a weird hangover. It’s a complicated mix of feeling very sluggish and having a head full of heaviness. But nevertheless I still value my sack…love to be a quick birdie in the bed. I have forever struggled to be an early riser, but I am working towards it. I am more successful these days, I think this is one weird thing you learn and master with age. So by now you know I have a love-hate relationship with sleep. I try to love it in the night and eventually fall in love, in the morning and it loves me back in the afternoon during office meetings. I don’t know if this happens to all, but every afternoon in office I promise myself to wait for a weekend afternoon nap, which somehow that never happens. And my body knows I am a betrayer, so it doesn’t forgive and I have literally banged my head on desk multiple times….this could be one reason why I prefer remote meetings , you can actually get small naps in between the boring conversations….(P.S: please don’t believe this, I am very sincere and dedicated employee….at least trying to be one in the eyes of my seniors)
Most of you girls by now must be thinking I am talking about your affair with sleep here……I know har nari ki ek hi kahaani…ankhoo me neend…dil me umeed. I know I  can suddenly turn poetic…Jdard jhalak jata hai! Okay but mind you, in spite of all the above menace sleep actually at least for me does many wonders. So, I like a very sincere and obedient girl will list them here to pay my gratitude to SLEEP! And the thus begins my list….trust me it won’t be long…cause I am sleepy and can’t think much already.
  • Hunger management: A light dinner is only possible if I immediately sleep after that. Or else in no time hunger sets in. Then I cannot sleep and eventually I give-up or you can say give-in to the temptation of a mid-night snack which not to mention is a  high calorie snack. I think the best way to deal with hunger is a good night sleep. Mind you this is not a myth, but it is backed by science and it is proved a good night sleep, helps you deal better with hunger pangs and not crave for calorie dense foods. Also helping you deal better with hunger well through the next day. So if you are planning to lose weight, a good night’s sleep will help do more wonders than you really can think of.
  • Anger management: My husband can vouch for this one. The best way to pacify my anger is to somehow put me to sleep and things can be sorted better after a good night’s sleep. Again science jumps here and has enough evidence to prove adequate sleep helps you deal better with stress and keep away depression. These benefits of sleep help you deal better with anger and helps you keep calm and think before you actually act. Also mind you sleep helps you improve memory and it can help you manage anger in two ways. For once it can help you better remember all your reasons for being so mad and the second may be you could also recollect something good about your victim and spare him/her a chance.
  • Pain management: Now this one is very important, more sleep indicates less pain management. Your optimal 8 hrs. of sleep actually reduces pain sensitivity. Also adequate sleep helps us ward of inflammations. For me after a hard day out at work, sleep actually helps me escape into a world where you don’t feel anything. Most of the times I wake-up all pain free, and other times I am thankful that I didn’t have to bear the pain at least for long 8 hrs and could escape.
Now this is my list of things that sleep does for me, let me know how sleep helps you. Most importantly hope you are able to read through my post……without falling asleep!


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  2. I have gotten used to taking power naps of 20 minutes per day and it is amazing how rejuvenated I am when I wake up. I too am a person that needs only 6 hours of sleep per night but I am finding out that a daytime power nap helps keep me from burning out.
    Patricia @ EverythingMustChange

    1. power naps are a certain way to rejuvenate and keep going on through the day.

  3. You're right, sleep does a lot of good things for you. Sleep is very important! I wish I could get more of it.

    1. I too wish the same Jill...somehow being a mother comes with scarcity of sleep.


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