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“Eat Breakfast like a KING! Lunch like a PRINCE! Dinner like a PAUPER” I don’t know who said this, but when I was searching for the next best diet I came across this statement that was posed against healthy diet and nutrition columns. I liked this idea of healthy life style. It told dieting was not a one time thing but a life style change. What could be better than have a lifestyle statement that wanted you to eat and not once but reinforced eating thrice. And also made you feel kingly right at the start of your day. As for me all the diets I had been so far had always made me feel poor, as all I was eating was raw foods(Fruits and salads). So with this new mantra came as a new MOTIvation for a slimmer tomorrow. So here I was, all ready to begin my day eating like a king. Basically I am not a breakfast person, somehow the only time during a day when I am not hungry is the mornings. All diet gurus   recommend you to have a compulsory breakfast but when you are calo

Those 10 days... Chapter !V

Days started moving very fast, almost a week was over and Mayank was exactly at the same spot he had started. He would still everyday plan to sit in a place from where he could have the perfect gaze of Siya. But then it started to bother him, he wanted this to move ahead. He wanted to be friends with her, he would see her talking to people and be so jealous of them. He knew it was now or never. He had to start talking to her now or he would never be a part of her core group of friends. So this set him thinking. The college for the day was over and like everyday even today he didn’t get to speak to Siya…he felt time was slipping from his hand. The harder he tried the faster the time ran like the sand slipped from a tight fist. He was sad and wishing for a miracle. He was standing and   waiting for the bus back home and was so angry at everything. He was not able to woe a girl, not get a bike from his brother……he was just feeling wasted. Just then the bus arrived, everybody boar

Its my Verzion of Life.....Birthday

BIRTHDAY…I am sure as soon as I was born I must have said,   “Hamara swagat nai karoge” I am in   away obsessed with my birthday. For me it is a very important day for everyone around me. It is a compulsory holiday for them, but the one on which they can be lazy. They have to be on their toes to keep me happy and radiating through the day. I deserve everything on this particular day and people around can start with getting me gifts which have to be of my choice. I know it is difficult   to guess every year as to what I want, simple and easy I make it for them. I start dropping hints at least a month before so that they can easily arrange for funds and other resources and arrange for the gift that I am EXPECTING. I keeping a countdown to my birthday and everyone is reminded on a daily basis of how many more days to go, but still every one must act surprised and give me more and more surprises. I demand call right at the stroke of midnight…cake and gifts should follow. I keep a

Sawaal Jawaab Part 8

It was a good afternoon, sunny but not hot and cold breeze but not chilling. Shyama and Sridhar were out with their colleagues for Lunch. It was a planned Italian Lunch. Shayama was all excited, after all she loved trying new cuisines. Sridhar at first was skeptical, but then came along. The Menu was difficult to understand for the simple reason that it was all in French. If any of you are thinking why an Italian lunch in a France….keep wondering.. Shayama was busy being happy so didn’t think so much. Also she knew names of more Italian dishes than French . For her French cuisine started with French Toast and ended with French Fries. So Italian was a better bet. They were all seated and chatting with one of the colleagues translating   all she could so that Shayama and Sridhar could be a part of the conversations. Since being the only two native Hindi speakers there with same restrictions when it came to their meat eating capacity Shayama and Sridhar were chatting with eac