Those 10 days... Chapter !!!

Mayank woke up very early, he had to dress his best. But then just as an after thought to yesterday he thought to himself, “it was he that took that introduction so personally, Siya was talking to the whole crowd and not him personally. So it was not even the first step. She would not even recognize him. It was just that he now knew the name that was attached to the pretty face he so smitten by.” He was sure it was just the first layer of Siya that she exposed to everyone. Also he kept thinking of was to approach her start a new friendship with her. He wanted to know the girl she was. He wanted to what hid behind that beautiful face, was it a beautiful soul that loved and cared for everyone or was it a spoilt brat or something lese. He always knew Siya was a very good human being….her eyes gave it away to him right on the first day he saw her. All this thinking and dreaming took away a lot his time, he just glanced at the watch while still dreaming and the time on the watch dragged him back to reality. He rushed to get ready for college. He didn’t even want to miss a moment of time with Siya in the lecture hall. He got ready and was about to leave when his mom’s voice stopped him. ‘Mayank don’t you want to have your favorite onion bhaji with  pudina chatni and your cup of piping hot coffee?” Mayank,”Not now, I am getting late for college.” Saying this he rushed out of the house. He looked at his brothers bike that was parked outside he so longed to have his own or at least this one. But that was a dream and he didn’t have time for that one right now. He rushed to the bus stop to get the bus. He reached and the bus arrived on time. He took the bus sat and kept thinking when he would reach college. He thought to himself, “ I will today sit two benches behind Siya in the parallel row. This will help me keep my eye on her without people noticing it. He reached college and realized today the first lecture was one hour early and he had missed it. He entered the hall directly for  looking for Siya. He was struggling when someone patted on his shoulder, “Hi, looking for which girl exactly?” startled Mayank turned back and responded, “Girl, no I am just looking for a empty place to sit. BTW what your good name?”  “I am Sundeep and I introduced myself thrice yesterday, I am shocked you still don’t know my name!” Mayank, “Common on stop ragging me. Come lets find an empty place to sit together” they both moved in and sat. Now Mayank had to be very careful while looking at Siya he didn’t want to spill the beans of his top-secret. But then he also needed to have friends it was a new place so he just decided to hang-on with Sundeep.

Lecturer arrived everyone rose and some girls hurriedly entered the hall. Mayank could not make out if Siya entered or not. The lecture started, Mayank kept looking for Siya but could not find her in the lecture hall.
It was  a pretty big room with lots of people and it was difficult to look for someone without getting caught by the lecturer. Still Mayank tried his best and was not able to find her. While he was still searching for her, a very sweet voice interrupted him. He turned around to find Siya sitting just behind him. He was star struck. She handed him over the attendance sheet to sign he took it and turned around. He was smiling and thinking, “She was just behind me and I was looking for her in the whole hall”. He was happy, he planned to strike a conversation as soon as the lecture was over. The lecture was long and was ready to finish, this reminded Mayank of his theory of relativity. Finally the bell rang and the lecture was over. He was about to prepare for his first ever talk with Siya and all of a sudden the lecture turned back into the hall and announce, “ Mr. Bhatt is busy so we will continue.” Mayank was so angry on whoever that Mr. Bhatt was. He so wanted to turn to her and strike a conversation. May be god was testing his patience, and he had to wait for 40 more minutes. He thought he had to make proper use of these 40 minutes by planning the best way to strike a conversation with her. He also remembered that very soon again the attendance sheet will arrive and he will again get to turn and see her. He thought he has to be the most presentable this time. He started in his mind practicing to give her the best smile when he turns to her. He patiently kept waiting for the sheet to arrive. 10mins….20 mins….30 mins…..the lecture was almost nearing the end. He was still smiling in his mind and waiting for the attendance sheet to arrive. The lecture was finally over and Mayank was still waiting for the attendance sheet to arrive. Frustrated Mayank, “When does she plan to pass the attendance sheet?” Sundeep, “She already has our attendance , why shall she take it twice?” Only then did Mayank realized how mush did Mr. Bhatt’s being busy had hurt him. Anyway the lecture was over and there was a 1 hour break till the next lecture. By the time he realized what Mr. Bhatt’s being busy had cost him Siya was already out of the Lecture hall. He was sitting  with Sundeep. Sundeep, “ Did you notice something?” Mayank,”Notice what?” Sundeep, “How that girl sitting behind us smiled at me when she passed the attendance sheet.” Mayank, “ no she didn’t “. Sundeep, “she did you didn’t notice, as you were focusing on the attendance sheet and not on her” Mayank, “and why were you focusing on her ?” Sundeep, “ Because she is so cute and so hooo” Mayank interrupted, “ Got it got it!”
The day ended without Mayank getting a chance to speak to Siya thanks to Sundeep. After knowing Sundeep’s intention Mayank didn’t want to speak to Siya in front of Sundeep there by facilitating there friendship. Also he kept an eye on Siya as to was she really passing subtle hints to Sundeep or it was only his fantasy. He did his watch the whole day and was satisfied it was only Sundeep’s fantasy. He had a peaceful sleep thanks to the fact this fact.  

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